Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Rubber Chicky

Tonight I rediscovered my rubber chicken. I knew it was a super fun toy, but I got distracted by all of my other fun toys. Now, I'm not complaining -- having so many toys is never, ever a bad thing! Just hadn't played with the chicky in a while.

So Mom and I played fetch with the chicken.

And then she insisted on taking lots of stupid pictures of me with the chicky.

I also squeaked the chicken for a while like this...

SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK! (You'll note that I cross my back legs so lady-like when I roll on my toys.) That's such a fun way to play.

I've discovered lately, however, that I can not get my rawhide chews to make squeaky noises, no matter how much I roll on them. Darn.


  1. You knows, the laydee-like legg crossing/piggie snorting sound combo thing is such an oxymoron. (Wow, that woz a big werd for me!)

  2. Buttons! It's so good to see you in your new forever ever home! I loved hearing about you on Shawnee's blog. I sure do remember how much you love your toys. I love your cross-legged ladylike pose. You look like you're havin' a blast with your rubber chicken!


  3. doz u only roll on da rubber toys? or do you rolls on all da toys?

    where's dat piggy u lub squeakin?

  4. squeak! squeak! squeak!
    nothing squeaks like rubber chicken!

    lady-like back leg crossing...BOL BOL


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