Monday, January 25, 2010

Toy Inventory

My Twitter friend Baby Patches has an online store. When she said that her Mom was doing inventory for their store, I was inspired. I told Mom that WE should do a toy inventory. Today, we did...


Looks like we've got 13 toys in there. I'm not counting that bumble bee. And I'm only counting the tree trunk of fun -- I mean tree trunk of squirrels -- as 1 toy even though there are 4 squirrels in there.


We only have one bumble bee in the bathroom right now. We won't count it, though, 'cause it's not supposed to be there.

5 toys in the hallway right now. See that bee hive? That's where the bumble bees belong. They're like the tree trunk of squirrels -- only counting them as 1 toy for inventory.

Dining Room:

There are currently 2 toys in the dining room.

Living Room:
This room will take some work 'cause it's where most of the toys are.
Here's the first spot... I count 14 toys and 1 cool box. Yes, I play with that empty box sometimes. Don't mind me in this picture. I'm just chewing on a rawhide while Mom counts toys.

Here are more toys in the living room. I'm counting 15 in this batch. Don't pay any attention to the black cord. That's just for the TV.

And here's the last batch of toys for the living room. These are the ones that I actually left in the toy box...for now, at least. I'm counting 12 toys here.

Wait... Mom, did you count those right? (Yes, that's me scowling at Mom again.)

I'd better count myself just to double-check...

Oops. Yeah, 12 toys. Guess Mom counted right!
I'd better survey the rest of the living room toys, too, though, just in case...

"1, 2, 3, 4..." Yeah, I guess Mom was right. (Just don't tell her I said that.)

Oopsie -- found another bumble bee that's not in its hive!

After all of that counting, I was forced to take a nap...

Final Inventory Counts:
So after careful counting and recounting, Mom and I determined that I have a total of 61 toys laying around our house. If we count all of the tree trunk squirrels and bee hive bumble bees, I've actually got 68.

And remember that this inventory count isn't including the bag of toys that Mom wouldn't let me have the other day, OR the secret stash of toys that I think she has in the closet. I didn't count the empty box as a toy, either, 'cause it's just a box.

But still...this is very, very sad. Definitely not enough toys. I do believe that I need more. I'm being toy deprived!!!


  1. I should get my mom to help me khount mine!

    We donated a bunch to one of her transports BUT I have LOTS left!


  2. Mebbe I should has my mom repossess you since you is not gitting enuff toys there? Wait a minit, we only has 52 toys here (plus wot mom has stashed away) so I think you is better off staying there.

  3. More toys for Buttons is definitely my rally cry for today. Ma is donating some of mine. It's not fair.


    Mehbe you should makes money reviewin all dem toys fur Da Daily Doggy newspaper!

  5. Wow - you could open up your own toy store!

  6. More toys for Buttons! More toys for Buttons! *paw pump*
    hmmm I think I need more toys too...heheheh

  7. Buttons, you're too much. You look so cute as always. Yes, tell your mom that you are deprived and you definitely need MORE TOYS!


  8. OMC! Dat is quite an inventory, I finks I should has momma takes inventory of our toys now since she just did da stores inventory MOL

    I finks you needs more too!


    Pee Sss - Thanks for linkings to da store my sweet furriend *nosetap*


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