Sunday, January 24, 2010

Popcorn Is Yummy

I've become an expert beggar when it comes to people food. Mom just can't resist my cute little face!

Can't really blame her, though. I am adorable...

Anyway, Mom's been eating popcorn lately. I realized yesterday, though, that she was holding out on me. She was giving me plain popcorn and then putting this special "white cheddar" seasoning on the popcorn that she was eating. That's not really fair, is it?

So last night I decided to take matters into my own hands. I refused to eat the pieces of popcorn that she gave me that were plain. When she gave me a piece out of her bowl, though, I gobbled it right up. Then she picked up my plain popcorn off of the floor and sprinkled her seasoning on it. I gobbled that up, too, and then I licked the carpet where the popcorn was!

Mom finally figured it out. I just wanted that white cheddar seasoning, too! I don't really think I'm picky. I just wanted my fair share. After all, it wasn't right of Mom to hold out on me with the seasoning.

She put the empty popcorn bowl on the floor by me and I scowled at her.

But I guess I shouldn't have. I mean she DID end up giving me the seasoning after all. So, I reverted back to my "cute" face to try to convince her to make us more popcorn.

But in the end, she knows I want the seasoning. Mission accomplished.


  1. BOL BOL - that scowl so clearly says "Noggty, noggty, mom!" Buttons must has learned that from my mom coz that is how she scowls at us when we is noggty.

  2. BOL BOL we love your scowl! that's the cutest scowl we've ever seen! *woof*

  3. U nose dey makes wunnerful flavored popping corns fur doggies dozn't u?

    checks it out....bacon even!

    so u could haz u own popping corns...nom nom nom.

  4. Too funny! My kitties like popcorn, too.


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