Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The World Is My Snow Cone

You know what I discovered tonight? Snow is yummy. When it just first snows, and the snow's all fresh, it's like the world is a snow cone (without the syrup topping, of course).

Mom and I were out for a walk when I decided to try out some of that snow. I liked it so much that I kept right on eating it. I'd take a few steps and stop for a bite of snow. I'd take a few more steps. Then I'd eat some more snow. Then I'd take a few steps...then stop for some more snow munching. It made for a rather yummy (but somewhat slow) walk.

Mom thought it was funny at first, but then she got impatient 'cause I was stopping so much. She said she got cold. Oh, well. She should just be happy I wasn't eating the yellow snow...


  1. Stay away from the yellow snow. Ick! I like snow too. It's all cool in my mouth!

  2. Hmmm...I never tried snow. Actually, I've only been in it once, and I wasn't happy. Well, enjoy, but like you said, don't eat yellow snow!



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