Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lessons Learned Tonight

Some things I learned tonight...

1. Mom does not think that her ink pens are toys for me. She doesn't seem to approve of me stealing them.

2. When eating food that Mom drops in the kitchen, I must be sneakier...much sneakier. Mom gets particularly upset when I snarf down raw Italian turkey sausage she accidentally drops. If I'm sneakier, she might not realize that she didn't clean up the spill herself. That way I'll get the goodies, and I won't get in trouble. (It was quite yummy, though.)


  1. I'm with you Buttons!!! My mom does not think that her ink pens are toys for me either!!! We just wanted to write a letter!!!

  2. I haven't found an ink pen YET! But that sausage would taste really good right now.... Keep being "sneaky" and I bet you will find lots of goodies!

  3. My sisfur Lucy loves to snitch ink pens and highlighters. She doesn't know how to write, but she thinks it's funny to watch Mama try to retrieve them! 'Round and 'round the sofa they go!


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