Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mischief for the Weekend

Mom's been hogging the 'puter, so I haven't been able to be online much for the last few days. I'll try to make up for that with a recap of the trouble I got into this weekend. Not much, but it was still fun stuff.

Let's see...yesterday I knocked over the garbage in the living room and ate part of a tissue. I haven't done that in a long time...but it was just too hard to resist. Wasn't my fault really. Mom should have known better than to put a tissue in there that had pepperoni grease on it!

And then last night when Mom tried to go to sleep, I wouldn't let her. HE HE HE. I made sure that I got into stuff...squeaked toys like crazy...messed around under her bed...chewed my rawhide really noisily...and other stuff like that. It was a blast. But then I realized that I needed to go outside to take care of some business. So, I started barking until Mom got her booty out of bed and took me outside. It was really super-duper cold out there, but I made sure I took my time. Hard to find a good spot to poop when the snow's so deep.

Mom was NOT happy. She kept muttering something about how it was night-night time and that I was in trouble. She said it was 1:30 a.m. and the coldest night of the year, so why was I torturing her? I just told her that I couldn't help it. When you gotta go, you gotta go!

So that was my mischief last night. Today I made it my mission to try to get into stuff in the bedroom. See, there's this shelf in there and it has toys on it. At least I'm sure they're toys. They look like toys. Mom keeps saying they're not, but I don't believe her. Mom put a bunch of stuff on the floor in there, right in front of the shelf. So, it looked like the perfect opportunity to me. I climbed through the pile of stuff and used it to try to reach the toys! Mom caught me each time I climbed, though, and got after me. She even closed the door to the room so I couldn't go in there. What a meanie! I just wanted those toys...

Oh -- I made multiple trips to the kitchen each day this weekend, but sadly, my Bacon Fairy has not yet returned. What a bummer. Maybe he only comes once a year like Santa Paws...


  1. he he - you would be a fun doggie to live with. You could certainly teach me a few things!

  2. I am particularly fond of tissue myself. I steal whole rolls of toilet paper and munch on them!


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