Sunday, April 3, 2011

Anipal Photo Hunt: Grazin'

I didn't realize it, but the Anipal Photo Hunt is back! This week's theme is Grazin'. Now, I don't eat grass, so I can't show you pictures of that. I do eat kibble, though. And I looked it up, and "grazing" could mean eating stuff other than grass. So, these pictures should be just fine.

A while back I had some special powder stuff that Mom put on my food to help with my tummy issues. These pics are from me eating my powdered kibble. Mom thought it was hysterical that I ended up with powder all over my mouth...

I wasn't too thrilled about Mom's "photo shoot" while I was trying to eat my supper. Can you tell???

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  1. we're good at grazin too
    Benny & Lily

  2. he he- Pretty good grazin Buttons. I likes your new mustasche!

  3. Special powder? *looking at Buttons sideways* o.O ;)

  4. PepiSmartDog: Buttons you look so cute with powder on your face !! And even your grumpy face is still very cute !!! Got milk ? BOL !


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