Monday, April 18, 2011


Last night I had a great plan. When Mom wasn't looking, I took my new green squeaky ball and buried it in the covers on the bed. That way, I could sneak it into the bed so I could play with it at night. Mom said my new ball wasn't allowed in the bed, so I knew I had to be sneaky.

But I guess I didn't bury it quite good enough. I tried to give Mom my best "who, me?" look.

But she totally busted me. Sadly, the green squeaky ball was evicted from the bed. Poor ball.

I gotta come up with a new plan...


  1. Gasp - How could she possibly do that to you!! Poor Buttons!

  2. Nefur mind the green ball, is you stashing noms in your bed, too?

  3. No balls are allowed in bed?? Poor Buttons:)

  4. I think aliens put it there...not you!

  5. Dawgness, that mom of yours is good at finding things! You sure she isn't part canine???
    Cairn cuddles, Oz


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