Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unfortunate Events

Had something baaaaad happen here tonight. I thought maybe Mom was getting a bath ready for me, but then she'd stop and go do something else, so I thought I was safe. Nope. I was wrong. She tricked me!

And to make things even worse, Mom got a gate. Yep. A gate. See me stuck in our bathroom behind the gate? Not cool.

See, Mom always got hot when she was blow-drying my furs after a bath 'cause our bathroom is little. Worked well for me, though, because that meant she never dried me all the way and I was allowed to escape early. With the gate, though, the bathroom isn't closed up, so Mom won't get so hot in there. Ugh.

And do you know what else she did to me tonight? Usually when she starts running bath water, I always hide under the bed or in my princess tent. Tonight, she stuck me in the bathroom behind the gate BEFORE she started the water! Sneaky, bad Mom!

While the water ran, I just sat by the gate and wished I could go hide...

But I was stuck. After Mom put me in the bathtub, I tried to jump out by myself, but I wasn't so lucky there, either.

I was forced to take a stupid bath.

The good news tonight, though, was at least Mom restocked the toys in the bathroom before she held me captive in there.

She started blow-drying me while I was checking out the toys. (Her distraction technique apparently worked...but not for long.)

I sat and stared out the gate for the rest of my blow-drying. I'm a master of looking pathetic.

I gave Mom the stink-eye in the living room when she finally let me out of the bathroom.

And I totally got my revenge later, too...

Seriously, the Easter Bunny doesn't care if I smell like a dog...


  1. I'm sure The EB will still hop by!

    Great job on the wastebasket!

    I'm furry impressed!


  2. Happy Easter to you and your mom!!!! Thank You for the laughs !!!

  3. Happy Easter! Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  4. Happy Easter! I lub reading abowt all yoor adbentures, Buttons. Yoo has so many toys! :) Yoo look so nyce after yoor baf.

  5. Somewhere some buddy must be celebrating stupid bath weekend cause it happened here too. We were tricked just like you
    Happee Easter
    Benny & Lily

  6. Sorry about your bath Buttons! But Happy Easter!

  7. Oh Buttons...your mom is evil locking you in the bathroom BEFORE running the bath! Such trickery! I hope you still had a wonderful Easter! (Any squeaky bunny toys?!?)
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

  8. Poor Buttons..I love when you take a bath....heheh


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