Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mom's Slacking...

What do you notice that's wrong in this picture?

See the problem? If not, try this picture...

My friends, that is an empty toy box, and it only has two lonely toys hanging out near it. What this means is that Mom is completely slacking in stocking my bathroom toy selection.

My job around here is to play with the toys and to entertain both myself and Mom. Her job is to supply the toys. And if I'm guarding the bathroom while she's in the shower, then I need toys in there to play with. Makes complete sense to me.

I'm the toy player. So what if I decide to take my bathroom toys to the living room to play. That's the player's decision! It's Mom's job to move other toys around and be sure I'm properly stocked in all rooms.

Guess I'm going to have to just take matters into my own paws and pick some toys to move back to the bathroom.

Hmmm...decisions, decisions...

Maybe one of the toys from under the tunnel...

Oh, you may have noticed something else in that first picture. That's a new toy from my cool neighbor! And yes, I also plucked all the furs off the top of the toy's head. I tried to blame the fur plucking on Mom...

...but Mom caught me with some blue fur stuck to my chin. Oops.


  1. MOL! I guess that's what you call "toy pattern baldness" heehee


  2. Oh yes, Buttons~~Just cuz you move them doesnt mean that mom doesnt have to do anything about it, She should by all means restock your toy box, thats her job!! BOL

    Jazzi and Addy

  3. ha ha- well, I don't know if you are to blame or not. You do look pretty innocent. Maybe mom plucked all the fur off and is trying to pin this one on you.

  4. Buttons, we need you here to play with new Kitten. He loves toys as much as you do!!

  5. Lol Buttons! I really have never seen anyone with so many toys! Your a good fur plucker!

  6. That's not blue fur! That' umm...hmm...well, we don't know but we're sure it's not fur! :)

  7. Lordy Lassie !!! theres a load of toys there !!! has mum ever counted ???teehee


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