Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thanks, Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny stopped by our house on Saturday night when Mom and I were sleeping, and that Bunny must have thought I'd been super good 'cause he left me TWO toys! The Easter Bunny rocks!

Mom confiscated the toys, though. Can you believe that?! I didn't even get to see them. Easter morning Mom just said I had to wait until later to play with my new toys, and then she left to go to church!

When she came home from church, she took me for a ride in the car and we both went to visit our friends who have kitty cats. I LOVE watching kitties, so that was fun. Our friends make a fort for me to play in, too, under their footstool. And they have a backyard with a fence, so I got to run around back there. We had lots of fun visiting them for Easter.

When we got home from visiting, Mom finally broke out the new toys...or at least one of them. She told me that I had to wait for toy #2 because I "appreciate them more" if I get them one at a time. Something is seriously wrong with my Mom...

Anyway, the first toy I got from the Easter Bunny was a loofah dog holding an Easter egg!

I got tired of Mom taking pictures, so I took the toy into my princess tent to play.

I was pretty tired after the long day of visiting our friends, though, so I did a lot of this that evening...

And this...

On Monday when Mom got home from work, she said it was time to give me my second new toy from the Bunny! This toy was a yellow ducky that quacks. I decided to be a little anti-social, though, with Mom because she made me potty in the pouring rain before she gave me the toy. So, I took it into my tent, too.

Then I gave Mom a "look" when she tried to take pictures through the door of my tent. Back off, Mom!

Eventually I came out of my tent so that I had more room to roll on the new ducky.

And I rolled A LOT.

Then I got tired of the camera again so it was back to the tent. But I only went part-way inside this time.

Ended my evening on Monday by snoozing with both of my new Easter Bunny toys.

Thank you, Easter Bunny!

I won a gift certificate to at a Twitter party in March. It was donated by as a party prize. Mom says that my gift certificate helped out the Easter Bunny this year. I have no idea what she means...but she said I should thank, too. So...

Thank you,!


  1. What awesome Easter swag!!! I bet you were so tired from all that excitement. I guess the toys make up for the gate of evil and the bathroom!! :)

  2. Wow! Those were great Easter toys...too bad Ma was being such a spoiled-sport and held them for ransom on you! Oh, and great video...I love when you make the piggie snorts while playing. BOL
    Cairn cuddles, oz

  3. Supercalifragilisticexpiallydociously Snortilicious !!!

  4. Buttons I'd say you had a fabulous Easter.


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