Monday, December 20, 2010

Presents in the Mail!

I got super duper excited when Mom came home today because she brought inside TWO packages that the mailman left outside our door. That's right, TWO presents...and both of 'em were for ME!

I was so excited that I started barking at Mom to open those presents right away.

The first box was from Chewy. He had a contest on his blog and gave prizes to anyone who guessed the origin of his Mom's name. I guessed look at what Chewy sent me!

Two squeaky toys! Jackpot! Chewy picked out a perfect prize for me.

The second box was from Pickles. Pickles had my name in Jazzi's Christmas gift exchange. Look at what Pickles sent me...

MORE toys! And a stocking with my name on it! And cookies! And a Christmas collar thingy!! That's a total jackpot, too! How did Chewy and Pickles both know that I'm a squeaky toy addict?!

Oh, by the way, you might have noticed that my new toys from Chewy are in that picture, too. You see, Mom & I had a disagreement about whether or not she was going to take any of my new toys away from me. I won, of course. She is not allowed to touch my new toys.

And I'm very persistent.

So, with two perfect presents in the mail on the same day, you can probably guess what happened to me. I went a little crazy. I'll admit it. Mom couldn't keep up with me and she ended up taking lots of pictures of me that look like this.

I really love my presents from Chewy and Pickles. So, I've got a special message for them...

(For you humans out there, that's me saying "THANKS for the presents!" to Chewy and Pickles.)


  1. OHHHHHH Buttons - you are just the cutest thing in da world!!! *SMOOCH*

  2. Oh Buttons! I am sooooooooo happy you liked your pressie!! We had so much fun shopping fur it!!

    And you look very festive with the Christmas collar thingy on!!!!

    I hope you have a very merry Christmas!!
    Happy Squeeking!!!!

  3. Love that snort at the end fur the finishing tutch! You rilly scored!

  4. WOWZERS dat do be sum toy haul u did gets. Lub da video fanks u.

    I hab to agree wif dat Shawnee da snore wuz a nice touch. MOL

  5. Oh man, you really hit the payoff big time today. Dat's a bunch of very cool prezzies.

  6. Great gifts there Buttons and we all know that you are a squeaky toy kind of dog!! How polite to personally say Thanks!! ;-)


  7. What cool presents you got!!! Charlie Bears and KONG Wubba's are my favorite!!!


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