Monday, December 13, 2010

I Got a Shout-Out

I got a blog award the other day. The most interesting thing about it, though, is that the award was from someone new...and a person! Lots of other doggies read my blog. Kitties, too. (I love kitties!) And I know some people who keep track of me this way (Hi, Grandma! Hi, Kathleen!). But I've never, ever gotten a blog award from a person I didn't know...and he's not even a person who blogs about animals!

I was honored.

My new friend's name is Dan. Here's a link to his blog. Dan's a writer, and that's the stuff that he blogs about. Here's what he wrote about my blog when he gave me the blog award:

Busy, Busy, Buttons – This site has nothing to do with writing or publishing. In fact, the author of the blog doesn’t even have opposable thumbs. Buttons, a ten-year-old Shih Tzu blogs about life as a (pampered) pooch, her occasional power struggles with her mother, and her dazzling collection of squeaky toys. I don’t really remember how I came upon this site, but I’m so glad I did; it’s a lot of fun. I defy you to read this blog in a bad mood and not be cheered up at least a little.

Isn't that awesome?! Thanks, Dan!

Of course the rules of the award are that you're supposed to tell stuff about yourself and then pass the award on to others. So, here are some things about me...

1. I love squeaky toys.

2. I don't like going poo in the rain. (He he he!)

3. I love kitties but Mom won't let me have one. I really, really want a kitty.

4. I love squeaky toys.

5. I'm a rescue doggie. Mom just adopted me a year ago. So I'm spoiled now, but haven't ever been this spoiled before. I'm living the good life!

6. I'm slowly working on a diabolical plan to get Mom to sleep in my little dog bed while I take over the big bed.

7. I love squeaky toys.

I'm not always the best at following rules, so instead of passing this award on to others, I'm going to show you a picture of me sleeping with my carrot. Enjoy!

He he he...


  1. Congrats on a well deserved Award, Buttons!

    I agree with Dan.......your blog always makes me smile!


    PeeS.....your Christmas Exchange Christmas pressie from my sissie, Pickles is 'winging its way' to you via our US Postal Service! We do hope you enjoy it! It was so fun having you as our Pressie Exchange Partner

  2. Wow, Buttons, that is most pawsome! Congratulashuns! I did not know that a dog's collekshun of stuffies could be dazzling but I must agree that describes your's pawfectly! I has to go back and look coz I dussn't rememmer now, but did you menshun in your listie how much you love squeakies?

  3. But how do you feel about squeaky toys?

    #2 - Me neither

    Glad you liked the award, and don't worry, sleeping with a carrot was option 'B', so you're good.

  4. he he- dat's pretty pawsome Buttons to have a ooman give you and award. Of course, we anipals already knew you were Versatile.

  5. YAY...Told u it was a great blog!!!!! well doneto my Darling Smilemaker xxxxx

  6. Buttons and Dan sittin in a tree!!! How excitin - you deserb dat shout out! *smooch!*

  7. Congrats Buttons - couldn't happen to a nicer blogger!

  8. WOW dat a pawsum awards and bloggy review! U da DAWG.


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