Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Still Busy Buttons

With my last couple of posts, I'm sure you're all thinking that I've become a lazy, napping pup, and that I'm not up to much mischief or fun these days. That's not the case. In fact, between my naps today, I dumped over the bathroom garbage again.

Oh, and I also found a piece of old kibble under the fridge and barked at it until Mom came and fished it out. Sadly, she threw away the kibble and didn't give it to me like she was supposed to. (How rude!)

A few minutes ago, Mom totally busted me while I was licking the baseboards in the hallway. (I refuse to tell her why.) When she realized it was too quiet out in the living room, she thought she was going to catch me knocking over the garbage can again. Nope. I was in the hallway, not the bathroom!

Oh, and yesterday, instead of playing with my toys, I kept dragging around Mom's dirty laundry that she put in the hallway. She finally got tired of that and put it in the washing machine. I sure had fun before she did that, though! (You should have seen the horror on her face when she caught me with her undies! He he he!)

I did a lot of fun playing this evening, too. Since so many people like to watch me play and roll, here are a few videos that Mom took tonight. I was playing with my soccer ball and rolling like a crazy dog.

And Mom says to please ignore the Christmas tree box in the first video (that you'll notice she rudely has sitting partially on MY doggie bed...).

Yeah, I had to stop playing 'cause my ear itched. Same thing happened in video number 2!

In this video I pretended I wasn't doing anything 'cause I thought maybe Mom would put the camera away. She won, of course. I couldn't wait her out -- I had to squeaky that toy!

So, yeah, I've been doing lots of napping lately, but there's no need to worry. As you can see, I'm still a very busy Buttons!


  1. Sounds like you have been busy Buttons. Dont you just love the bathroom trashcan?? Mee too!! LOL


  2. Yes, you are living up to your name. Keep at it.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. A very busy Buttons, indeed! Good for you. Ma says to tell you she always luvs your videos! They make her smile.
    Your furiend, Oz


    But I iz beary glad to hears u iz still busy busy busy!

  5. Underpants are awesome!!! Trying running with them next time, makes for a fun game of tag!

    Wow, you really played possum well in that last video! I thought you was out cold! That deserves an Oscar!

  6. Busy busy Buttons. he he- you are so cute no matter what you decide to get into. Must be hard for da mom to resist you even when you get into things you not supposed to be in.

  7. Ahhh ahahaha I just love watching you roll around!

  8. Scores....Style...10 for perfect leg crossing....Sound...10 for hummmpfs nd da scale

  9. Your videos are so cute.
    Happy New Year see you you in 2011
    George xxx

  10. You seem to be very busy & very helpful! I'm sure that garbage needed to be emptied and that laundry needed to be done. We all know that those toys needed to be squeaked!

    From our house to your, we wish you an amazing 2011!

    Oskar & Pam


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