Friday, December 3, 2010

Typical Evening

Just a typical evening for Mom and I. I spent a lot of time playing, of course!

I had a chorus of squeaks going at one point tonight, and that was really cool. I was playing with one toy and started rolling on it. Well, I ended up rolling on another toy in the process. Both of them were squeaking! Mom thought it was a little loud, but I thought it was SO cool!

Made good use of my round bed tonight, too!

Well, I think I wore myself out. Time for a nap...

(Mom thought her blanket was snoring for a minute...)


  1. Maybe you could get a toy with squeaks in different tones, so you could roll on all of them and play a tune. You have a good start there already. Happy Saturday... pawhugs, Max

  2. Buttons, you is becoming to multi-talented with all that sinkronized squeaking and all. It sounded so bootiful Dixie commed in the room so she could watch you on the pooter and hear it better.


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