Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Poetry

The other day I found out about a Holiday Poetry Contest on a blog written by a doggy who's training to be a guide dog. Pretty cool, huh? His name is Rudy.

Anyway, to enter the contest you just write a poem. And the prize for the contest is...TOYS. How could I pass up this opportunity? My sis Lexi-Lou used to write poems on her blog, so I figured it was about time that Mom helped me out with one, too. And I mean, seriously, I could use some more toys.

So, I submitted my poem over on Rudy's blog, but I figured I'd post it here, too. I sorta like how it turned out. Just remember that this poem is entirely fiction. Honest. It's fiction.

An Important Reminder

Santa Paws is coming
Just as long as we’re all good
So we have to mind our parents
And behave as we should.

If we all can make it
The payoff is sublime
But we all must behave
…Most of the time!

Cookies, treats, and dog beds
Some fun squeaky toys
Oh, you know I love those
And their squeaky noise!

So no misbehaving, please
Or Santa won’t appear.
We just can’t have a repeat
Of what happened last year!

Don’t chase the neighbor
No puking on the bed
We shouldn’t chew on slippers.
Only eat what we’re fed.

Keep those all in mind, of course,
But most importantly,
This year no one potty
On our Christmas tree!

Ta dah! There's my poem. If you want to enter Rudy's contest yourself, just head on over to his blog.

And remember...that poem was fiction. Well, except for the part about me liking toys.


  1. PepiSmartDog: I LOVE Ur Chrissy song !! I know some kittehs who should be singing it ! (Apple, Suki & new brofur & sisfurs ! BOL !)

  2. Rudy is furry happy that you entered his contest; and he's quite glad you posted the infomation on you blog (which is very cute by the way!).
    You are a furry good looking dog, thanks for entering!

    Rudy's Raiser

  3. That was PAWESOME!

    I'm glad woo entered!

    Rudy is furry khool and his raiser is furry special (AND YOUNG!) -

    PeeEssWoo: I rekhognise all the fikhtion!

  4. I love it!!!
    Excellent job and good luck in the contest:)

  5. You is a poet and I neffur knowed it! Furry well done, Buttons! I lub it. And I sooooo hope you win coz I know how badly you need more toys.

  6. Nice poem Buttons! Rudy is a great dog!


  7. My puppy pal, you are very talented in your verse! *awed purring*

  8. Great Poem....Lexi-Lou would be proud xx Pasikisses xxxx

  9. Fantastic poem. I do love it and know you'll win... I just feel those toys commin' your way.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. he he- I just know you will win too cuz dat was so cute.

  11. That is a great poem. I entered too!

    I have a week of giveaways going on at, so stop by & you could be a winner!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  12. Buttons, this is a great poem. I hope you win because you are so toy deprived! You definitely need toys, toys and more toys and they must squeak!

  13. BOL! That was great! This contest seems right up my alley...maybe I give it a go?!?


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