Saturday, December 4, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #16: My 2nd Job

As pets, we all know that our first job is looking after our humans. And that's BIG job. I mean, I'm constantly having to make Mom laugh about something to cheer her up. Anyway, the theme for this week's Anipal Photo Hunt is "My 2nd Job." So, what's MY 2nd job? I'd say that I'm a pretty good toy tester-outer.

Mom says I've got a destructive streak going with my toys. I didn't use holes in them and pull out the stuffing. But the truth is, I just wasn't "testing" them as accurately before!

For example, this toy did not quite pass my testing...

If you have any toys you'd like me to test out for you, just send 'em to me... He he he.

In the meantime, here are some other animals talking about their second jobs:


  1. There do be few of your prototypes laying around here with nekkid butts.

  2. I khan see Khwality is Job 1 with woo!

    Keep up the good work!


  3. We would say you are good at your job, Buttons!

  4. to tester outer iz GOOD JOB button! :)

  5. Buttons, you are a gal of many talents!

  6. I admire your toy testing activities. Let mom know when you find one you can't kill. We are still working on finding that!

  7. Oh thats what I do with my squeaky toys too. Rip those old squeakers right out. I mean why do you think they make the toys anyways?? LOL


  8. LOL ~You got the BEST job, ever! Are you hiring? xoxox ~Andy

  9. U kilt da stuffied toy!!! I need a therapist!!! BOl!!! *SMOOCH*

  10. That is very important work cos you save other anipals from being injured by toys. Bet is fun too!


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