Thursday, December 2, 2010

Babbling Box in the Mail

Mom ordered some stuff from last week. I can't tell you what she ordered, though, 'cause they're Christmas presents for some friends. Anyway, we got a paper in our mailbox yesterday saying that Mom had to go to the post office to pick up the package. That was a little strange 'cause usually the mailman brings stuff to our door.

Anyway, Mom went to the post office today and asked for the package. When the post office worker guy brought the box out for Mom, he was laughing. "This one is talking to me!" he said.

Sure enough...that box was making lots and lots of noises. It was babbling away any time it moved. Mom put the box in the car and had to listen to it for the entire trip to our house. We think maybe the mailman didn't want to take it in his truck all day and maybe that's why he didn't deliver it to our house.

I was excited when Mom brought that box home. I absolutely LOVE boxes in the mail!

Why was that box talking so much? It turns out that my buddy Boris snuck a Holiday Babble Ball in the box before shipped it out to me. I thought that was SO funny. He stuck the Babble Ball in there 'cause he knows I have a different Babble Ball here that drives my Mom nuts. Now I've got TWO Babble Balls, so I can really drive her batty! He he he!

Mom had also ordered me a doggie that barks Christmas music. She thought it would be a nice change from all of the squeaking she usually hears around here.

So here I am playing with my new doggie and my Babble Ball.

And some more playing...

The only downside to the evening was that Mom confiscated my new jingle doggie. I sorta plucked it so much that I ripped open the doggie's booty. I was pulling stuffing out like crazy. Mom was a little snarky 'cause of me destroying the brand new toy that SHE liked. I say it's MY toy, so I should get to pluck all I want!

Oh, well. At least I still have my noisy Babble Ball! Thanks for being ornery, Boris!


  1. U iz too cute when u roll on ur toys. I just lub dat.

    I so glad dem postal guys did not keeps ur talkin box of goodies cause wot fun iz it to be ornery iffen u neber gotted it!?

    Now roll dat ball under ur mom's bed & play wif it round about tree o'clocks.

  2. Oh Buttons
    You are so funny when you roll on your toys!! Those singing toys are cool. I have a jack in the box that has a santa paws in it. When it opens it says Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas!! Have fun with the toys!!


  3. You are a light in my life...Little Buttons the Smilemaker xxxx Pasikisses

  4. You sure duss has the Chrissmuss spirit going on ofur there! Tell your mom that doggie can still woof Chrissmuss muziks with a nekkid butt.

  5. LOL! I love your videos, Buttons!

  6. Oh now that's HILARIOUS - sneaky Boris! Fun videos! I hafta say, doing the STEAMROLLER over your toys is BRILLIANT! xoxox ~Andy

  7. Awww are adorable! Congrats you have won my giveaway. Just email me your info at derav001ATyahooDOTcom and I will send you your prize!

    Paws and Licks

  8. You sure have some noisy toys Buttons. Pop bought home a golf ball and I love to push it around because it makes a lot of noise on the wood floors.


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