Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bah Humbug!

Not too long ago, Mom decided to torture me. First, she made me try on a party dress she bought last year. It was too small last year, but since she starved me this fall, she thought maybe it would fit again.

It did not.

And she forgot to take any pictures of the dress this time, so she had to just reenact the torture tonight. You'll note in the following pictures that I refused to sit up, so she had to wiggle me into the dress while I laid there like a wet noodle. HA!

It looked like it fit...but it was too small to velcro along my belly.

So after the dress torture, Mom broke out a Santa suit. She got it last year, too, but it was on sale after Christmas. She never tried it on me last year.

The Santa suit was too, too big.

Mom tried to put the hood up, but then my head got stuck. My front leg got stuck, too, when I was trying to rescue my head. Did Mom help me? Noooo. She took a picture.

Eventually, I made my way over to my doggie bed and I tried to eat the stupid suit. Mom finally took it off me.

Then, the crazy woman continued the torture. She put an ELF HAT on me. It was super small. About suffocated me with the stupid chin strap.

Naturally, I let Mom know exactly what I thought of that stupid hat...

So WHY was Mom torturing me with all that stuff? Turns out that she had big plans for me. That's right...we went to see the Big Man. Luckily, none of those stupid clothes fit, so I got to go see Santa without looking like an idiot.

I told him that I want more toys for Christmas. (As if you couldn't have guessed that...)

I got a new toy when we went to see Santa, too. They were squeaking a ball toy to get me to look at the camera, so Mom figured it was only fair to give me one of those balls they'd been taunting me with. (Um..YEAH!)

I played with it and played with it on the way home.

And then I took a nap with my new ball toy.

I hope Santa appreciates the torture I went through. Surely that should mean more squeaky toys for me for Christmas, don't you think?


  1. WOW!

    I sure hope Santa Paws was watching!

    That was SOME torture!

    PeeEssWoo: The dress was khute!

  2. I should not laugh BUT how could I not...Oh Buttons,poor wee darlin..PS you look adorable

  3. That Santa suit looked to cute on you, Buttons.........but I was cracking ups at da hoodie part!!! It was trying to swallow you!

    GREAT Foto with da Big Man!

  4. wow you sure went through a lot to go see Santa LOL I loved everthing that your mom put on you though, it all looked so pretty. And you were such a good sport about it all I bet that will score you a lot of extra presents

  5. Well thank goodness you not be looking like an idiot but duss that mean Santa looks like an idiot?

  6. OMG the humanity!! What was she thinking?!?! You deserve lots of toys AND noms for that! Someone call the ASPCA!!! :)


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