Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back to the Dog Park

Mom took me back to the dog park the other night. There was a birthday party at the dog park, so all of the humans were sitting outside of the dog park fence with the party food, and all of the doggies were playing inside the park.

Mom knew that I was a little scared (again), so she kept me with her instead of making me go inside with the other dogs. We stayed with the humans and I hid under Mom's chair.

Yes...I was totally freaked out again. I drooled like crazy.

And I looked incredibly pathetic.

Finally, Mom decided the torture was over and we went home. I took out my frustrations on a squeaky bug.

I rolled on that bug like crazy.

And then I just slept...

Mom keeps telling me that the doggie park is supposed to be a fun place for dogs. She's obviously NOT a dog, however, so I wonder where she's getting that information from...


  1. You have perfected the Pathetic Look, Buttons! And I mean that as a compliment of course.

    I would not like a dog park either.

  2. Poor Buttons! That sounded like torture! I guess we all like different things....and you don't like dog parks....tell your mommy to make note of that....take care, my friend.

  3. Your Mom shouldn't make you go to the doggie park if you're scared. I bet she just wants to see that cute pathetic look you make and hang out with her friends.

  4. Dang Buttons, dussn't you rememmer when you lived with us? We has our own dog park going over here at my howse, BOL!


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