Monday, July 5, 2010

Name Game

Several friends have posted on their blogs about Frankie Furter's Name Game. I thought I'd join in the fun...

Want to know where my name came from? does my Mom! He he he. We actually have no idea why my name is Buttons. Maybe it's 'cause I'm as cute as a button?

What I can tell you, though, is a really cool story about how we know what my name is. You see, I'm a rescue doggie, and Buttons was my very first name back when I was a puppy. It's amazing that we know my first name since I've lived in several different homes and I was even dumped on the street.

So you want to know how we know? It's all thanks to my microchip!

That's right...I got a microchip when I was a puppy. The microchip told my foster mom that my name is Buttons. (It's nice when people know your name!) The microchip also played a part in figuring out who dumped me on the street. And guess what...the police got that naughty person, too!

Do YOU have a microchip? If you're a doggie or kitty, have your parents talk to your vet about getting one! If you're a person, well, I don't think they do that for people...


  1. We both have chips, even tho we're inside kitties. Our humans want us to be safe, just like yours!

  2. HI Buttons !!

    Mom saw your picture on one of our bloggie friend's site and we just have to stop by to say hi as you look very much like my late sister BabyRaisy..

    Can't believe that nasty ex-owner of yours dumped you by the street.. good to know he/she is caught and we hope they will never have another pet again... I mean, how could they do something like that to a cute little fella like you..


  3. I always thought you name be Buttons coz you do be as cute as a button! Yay for microchips! We should all has them along wif our collah and ID for dubbull protekshun.

  4. Your name is perfect for you, Buttons! I'm so glad the police caught that person who dumped you. I didn't know those kind of people even got in trouble but I'm sure glad to hear there was a little justice.

  5. That is great that you had a microchip!!! My mom made all of us get chips! It's very important to register them and you can even sign up to get updates on missing animals in your area... That way, you can keep an eye out for them and help them return home!


  6. What an interesting name story Buttons, so sorry that you were once dumped on the street and I'm glad that they found the irresponsible owner, well they didn't deserve owning such a beautiful dog like you.
    Haha, I go warn my mom now, I have microchip and she better not even think about dumping me!


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