Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

Happy Independence Day! Mom had a long weekend away from work, so that was super cool for me. We went to see my friend Molly and her kitty cat on Friday. I love that kitty cat!

I was a little bummed on Saturday, though, 'cause Mom ignored me all evening. She made a birthday cake for one of my people cousins, so I had to play by myself. Good thing I've got that new bed to play in.

Here's what Mom was working on.

So then yesterday Mom and I delivered the cake to the birthday girl. It's a long drive up there. I supervised Mom's driving. That's a very important job...

Saw some of my doggy cousins. I'd met Dakota before, but not Diesel. Diesel was just adopted and joined the family this summer. They're cattle dogs. Dakota is a red heeler and Diesel is blue.

We got along fine. (Well, I hid under Mom's chair a lot of the time we were there.) The worst part was when we went to leave and Diesel tried to herd me like he'd herd cattle. I am not a cattle! For some reason, Mom thought that was funny. Hrmph!

Anyway, you want to know the best thing about my weekend? I got a new toy. That's right, Grandma gave me a Minnie Mouse squeaky toy!

It's nice for napping with, too. Thanks, Grandma!

So that was my weekend. Too bad Mom has to go back to work tomorrow...


  1. Dakota is doing the froggie doggie!

    They look like Gus and Louie/Callie from Texas!

    Yummy khake!

    PeeEssWoo: Pawesome job with the driving snoopervising!

  2. OMD! Diesel looks just like Sydney. You should has rekognized her. Yes, Sydney woz very skeered for the firewerk boomers. Her woz shaking rilly fast and panting lowd. Mom tolded her to get up on the bed and we all woz on the bed watching televishun rilly loud and gibbing her our calming presence. Then mom furminated her to make distrakshuns. That helped some. Beooteous cake you mom maded!

  3. Hey Button! My mom says your mom is super talented to make such a great-looking cake! Dakota and Diesel are nice looking doggies. Too bad Diesel herded you. I wouldn't like that either. I'm glad you got a new toy.


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