Monday, April 26, 2010

Updating the Toy Inventory

It's been a couple of months since I did my toy inventory, so it was pretty out of date. Mom and I decided that it was time to do a new inventory. I was a little tired, so I napped during the first part. Mom could handle some of this without me.

We've got a ton of toys in the bedroom now. Mom even put a toy box in there to try to contain them. (I don't ever leave the toys in the box, though.) So here's the first picture of toys from the bedroom. There are 9 toys in the first picture.

And here's the second picture... 14 toys

And the third picture (told you there were more toys in there!)... 5 toys

Did you notice that reindeer in there, pretending to be a squirrel? Well, Mom found him under the bed after she took those other pictures, so she decided to make him a squirrel for now. Crazy woman.

And here's the fourth picture of toys from the bedroom...

OK, so those aren't toys. They are, however, a wonderful example of just how well-trained I've got my Mom. I've got a rawhide...a filled rawhide stick...and a bully stick...all at the SAME TIME. I can just take my pick of what I want to chew on.'s the good life.

So that's a total of 28 toys in the bedroom now.

Here are the toys in the office:

That's easy to count...3!

I've started to accumulate more toys in there. I take 'em in to play with while Mom's in the shower. (It's my job to hold down the bath mat when she's in the tub.)

Two frogs and two ducks...4 toys in the bathroom!

Looks like we ended up with more toys in the hallway than last time, too. There are 8 of them there now.

Dining Room
This is sorta between the hallway and the living room, so toys wind up here all the time.

7 toys in the dining room.

Living room
This is the point in the new inventory when I decided to get up from my nap and supervise the process. We had to take several pictures to get all of the toys in the living room inventoried.

Picture 1: 17 toys

Picture 2: 9 toys

Picture 3: 9 toys

Picture 4: 11 toys, 1 cute doggie

Picture 5: 11 toys

That's a total of 57 toys in the living room!

Fire Hydrant
Technically, the fire hydrant is in the living room, but Mom and I decided to tally these separately. Before we could inventory the toys, though, we had to get them out of the hydrant. I helped.

"Get out here, toys, so we can count you!"

And these are the toys that were hiding in the fire hydrant... 15 of 'em.

So that's all of the toys. While Mom tallied 'em up, I inspected the pile in the living room.

She sure took a long time to add them. I was forced to nap again.

"Are you done YET?!"

The Final Count
In January when I did my first inventory, I had 68 toys. That wasn't nearly enough. If Mom added all of our numbers right this time, though, I've now got...122 toys. Woo hoo!!! I had no idea that I had that many now. That means I've gotten 54 NEW toys just since January.

Am I getting spoiled by my new Mom?! Nooooo... He he he.

After all of that inventory work, I think I need to take another nap.


  1. Like you said on my blog today, you get a *little* carried away with your toys. Just a little.

    You're a lucky doggie, Buttons. Oh, mama loves that you hold down the bath mat while your mom takes a shower. You're just the cutest!

  2. i am fink u needs to get a warehouse for all u toys!

  3. OMD. You sure are a lucky doggie, Buttons! Wow. You have more toys than when I was a little kid even I think!

  4. You GOTTA have emergency toys!! Such a smart pup, you've got a backup plan!

  5. I just know there's a pet shelter in your area that would like to have even a small portion of your 122 toys. The dogs and kitties there would sure appreciate playing with them.

  6. Your mommy will have to rent a warehouse very soon to store all of your toys!

  7. I think I am going to bookmark this to show people the next time they say *I'M* spoiled! You are an inspiration to us all, Buttons! Toys or Bust! Now where does the girl keep that plastic magic money card...hehehe.

  8. Wow! Ma added up the cost of all those toys and at, say, $3 per toy, that's like a hunnert million dollars!
    Toys: a hunnert million dollars
    Haircuts: $30 each
    Button's bloggie: PRICELESS!!!

  9. I has some werds for "anonymous". Does you know that many of Buttons toys were wonned in contests wot raised money for shelters? Does you knows that most shelters will not gib animals toys because they is unsanitary and can spread deadly cooties? Does you know that if'n animals in shelters get toys they never last for more than a day coz they get full of pee and poo? If'n you want shelter animals to has toys, go adopt one, bring her home and gib her all the toys her little heart desires like Buttons' mom did.

  10. I agree with Shawnee. I'd like to think Anonymous had the best intentions with his/her comment, but I also have a PILE of toys that I won and I LOVE them...because I won them! I don't think it's fair to make Buttons feel guilty for being happy (finally). And like Shawnee said, no responsible shelter could take Buttons' donated toys anyway because of the potential germ-factor. (Not saying you're germy, Buttons.)

  11. You know what I see when I see all your toys? LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Your momma loves you. That's why we're here, to love & be must be doing a very good job. Good doggie!

  12. Wow...even from my diva standards, that's IMPRESSIVE!! And none of them look like they've been destuffed on nomm-ed is that possible?? :)

  13. Buttons,

    you have as much toys as me! The other day my poppa went to the store and bought me a new toy! It is some hot dog shaped toy and it squeeks! i love squeeky toys!

    Paws and Licks

  14. How many toys U got in da car? I just curious! Smooches to U, U cutie pie!!!

  15. You deserves all your toys Buttons cause dey is either won to benefit animals or from your loving momma. I agrees wif Shawnee if dat hooman wants to help den adopt a pet and gives dem tons of toys or donates some toys yourself! MOL


  16. OMD we have some of those same toys - how kewl is that? You sure is a lucky pup and deserve the name "busy" Buttons just because of how you needs to keep track of dat toy inventory! xoxoxox Raven, Thor and Rio

  17. So hard for me to imagine having all those toys because I eat mine.


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