Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Foxy Lady

Got a new toy tonight. It's a fox! It's one of those stuffing-free toys, so it's super-easy to find the squeakers. The best thing about this one, though, is that the fur is super duper pluckable. Wanna see me pluck my fox? If you listen closely, you can hear the piggy sounds that I make. He he he.

Mom wasn't feeling well today, so she went into her super-secret stash of toys and pulled this one out. She thought that it would keep me busy so she could rest. What she didn't expect, though, was to have to keep catching me and pulling the fox fur out of my mouth so I wouldn't swallow it!

She'll never learn...


  1. I have a skhwirrel one of those!

    Woo sure loved it!

    We hope your mom feels better!


  2. Won't be long afore that fox has an nekkid butt.

  3. MOL hehehe dat is furry cute Buttons! Luvs da squeak squeak squeak at da end! Nom nom nom fox furs MOL


    Happy Earth Day! Check out my bloggie post today

  4. Yup - dat is a super-duper-pluckable fox. he he - wonder how long the fur will last.

  5. hi Buttons,
    hope ur Momma is feeling better by now. sending her our licks n hugs.
    please be careful with that toy. play all u like, but don't u swallow any fur. they get impacted in ur bowel and cause bezoars(doctor's jargon for block in the intestines)
    be happy n take gud care of mummy

    Ginger n buddy

  6. You sure like your toys, my friend!

  7. Buttons, Mama and I are trying to figure out if there's any other doggie out there that loves her toys as much as you do.

    We hope your mom feels better soon!

  8. Hi Buttons,
    I am Jazzi a scottie and it is nice to meet you. I came across your blog and you are just soo cute. You go girl!! take care of that stuffie, I do the same to my stuffies too. Drop by my mom and I am gonna follow you!!



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