Sunday, April 11, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Mom's finally home, and I'm home now, too. Whew! It was a long couple of weeks for both of us 'cause of Grandpa being so sicky and then passing away. Mom said his people funeral was yesterday, so now we're both home to stay.

I had sleepovers at Molly's house a few times over the last two weeks. Molly was nice to me. She shared her toys with me. She's got a tree trunk of squirrels just like me!

Molly shared her doggie bed with me, too. I loved to nap in her bed.

Mom packed one of my doggie beds, so I napped there sometimes, too. Molly didn't like my bed, though, so she didn't snooze in it.

Molly's Mom took both of us for walks each day. That was cool. I'm not used to walking that much, so I was pooped! In this picture, I was taking advantage of the cool tile right inside the door.

Molly was pooped after some of our walks, too. So we were pooped together.

Don't worry, though. I still saved some of my energy for my sneakiness. I've GOT to be sneaky! I had to investigate lots of stuff at Molly's house...even if it meant burrowing under a doggie bed to get there...

There was one HUGE downside to my most recent sleepover at Molly's house. Molly's Mom thought both of us girls needed a bath! Augh! I hate baths...

Molly's not a fan of baths, either.

I tried to escape, but sadly, the tub was too deep for my little legs. Bummer.

Mom was very happy that I was so clean when she picked me up last night. As for me, I'd rather stink...

So Mom got all sorts of reports about how good I was on all of my sleepovers. Unfortunately, though, the report from the most recent sleepover wasn't so good. I was pretty comfortable at Molly's house this time, so I sort of resorted to some of my old antics. Molly's Mom told my Mom that I...
  1. Dumped over Molly's toy box.
  2. Barked like crazy at a person working in a drive-thru window.
  3. Discovered my love for "kitty crunchies" from Piglet's litter box.
  4. And stalked Piglet like crazy. (Sorry, but I just had to know what that kitty was up to at all times!)
Mom says that we're gonna have to talk about my behavior... HE HE HE!


  1. Kitty crunchies are my fave too. We have a gate that blocks the bathroom where the litter box is stored.

  2. That not bad behaviors, Buttons, that is NORMAL! BOL! And mom is LOLing so hard at the baf pikshurs. Pursonally, I is feeling sorry for the both of yours. You has my sympathies.

  3. Anyway!

    Shawnee is khorrekht!

    Those are hardly worth khalling bad!


  4. Hahaha, oh Buttons, we know we should say poor Piglet, but you're just so darn cute!!

  5. bafs! o nose!!! I hates bafs too, but u too looks adordable all wet likes dat...heeeheee

    So sawry about u grandpa. *nosetaps* to u & u mom. I bet u iz both glads to be homes!

  6. why is everybody raving about kittie crunchies? is it that good? I wanna try! Somebody send me some!
    Love your bath pics. Too cute for words. heheheh


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