Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stupid Baths

Mom decided that I was too stinky to go on the Mutt Strut this weekend, so you know what she did? She made me take a bath! Now let me ask you you think the other dogs really cared how I smelled?! Seriously.

Mom said that I was scratching my ears too much so we needed to clean them out, too. Augh. She makes me stand in the sink for that. I, of course, tried to escape, but my escape attempts all failed.

And then came the real torture...the bath tub... Here's my "before" picture. Take a look at how clear that water is.

So here's an "after" picture. Just look at that bath water now!

Yes, those are my rubber ducks in the tub with me. Mom thinks they'll distract me from the trauma of the bath. No such luck...

I still tried to escape!

Mom laughed at my misery, too. You know what she did? She took a video of me trying to get out of the tub! I showed her -- I shook in the water to try to get her camera all wet!

I did feel bad for those poor ducks, though. So, just as soon as Mom got me out of that tub and drained the water, I went back to try to rescue them. "Where are you, duckies?!"

Then Mom lined 'em up on the edge of the tub.

When she was trying to blow dry my furs, I took two of the ducks over by the door. I later relocated them to the living room, far away from the tub!

Stupid baths.


  1. Oh, Buttons! I hope this doesn't remind the Girl to give me that bath she keeps forgetting about for the last couple months! That is very nice of you to try and rescue the duckies from the tub.

  2. Great baf video Buttons! I bet u smelt great afterwards, even tho u didn't like it!.

  3. Oh noes, a baf and hasing you mom laff at you too? The horrors! Mom tolded me I was not hasing a baf yesterday but a "sponge shower". Now I ask you, is hasing your legs squirted wif the hose, then a rag from a bucket dripping with soapy waters rubbed all over your legs and belleh, then the hose again not constitoot a baf? I think mom lied to me.

  4. Must bee sumthin in da air!!! My Mom just gave me a baf!!

  5. Oh no! A bath! Well, we enjoyed the video even though we know you weren't happy. It was so sweet of you to liberate your duckies!

  6. Yuk - I wouldn't like a bath either, but den I'm cat. You are adorable wet tho.

  7. aarrrrrrf! arf!
    BOL BOL sorry but we were laughing too.
    You're just too cute!
    And so sweet to rescue those duckies :o)

  8. OMC! MOL hehehe I don't knows how your momma doesn't wants to kisses you all da times, you so cute! Dat is what momma says, I likes your duckies and your bark too!



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