Monday, April 26, 2010

The Pond

Mom and I haven't been for a walk around the pond lately 'cause we both have bad allergies. But Mom said that the pollen wasn't as bad today since it rained this weekend, so off we went!

It was sunny when Mom came home from work, but then this happened...

And this...

We didn't get rained on, but the clouds sure looked cool. And guess what? It's sunny again now!

Anyway, the walk around the pond was pretty cool. Mom let me sniff lots of stuff, and I really love doing that.

I sniffed this tree...

And I sniffed these benches... (If you listen to the video, you can hear the crazy geese at the pond!)

I'm a very good sniffer, don't you think?

Took Mom a while to get a picture of me walking that wasn't just a picture of my booty. She had to sneak in front of me when I stopped to sniff.

And take a look at these dandelions. They're actually taller than me!

It was a good walk, but pretty uneventful. We saw the neighbor kids on our walk around the pond, though. Mom was super proud of me, too, 'cause I was really good with them. I didn't bark at them at all!


  1. You deserve the Best Sniffer Award!

  2. Dat looks like such a nice place to take a walk. I love getting outside & sniffing all the stuff. You get the "sniffer" award tho.

  3. Hi Buttons,

    Now that is a cool looking sky. Kind of Halloweenish, butt cool!

    Happy sniffing!

    Luv ya,
    Riley and Star.

  4. Aren't you quite a sniffer! :o) You walk so cute too!
    oh by the way, I had to mention your rolling-on-squeakie on my blog post today. heheh

  5. Sniff sniff...sniff sniff MOL hehehe

    Luvs it!

  6. I got geeses in my pond too! They do make lots of honking noises! You had a great walk around the pond.


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