Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hot Pink Fur

When Mom went to get groceries yesterday, she brought me home a toy! That's how things are supposed to work, you know. If she brings home shopping bags, one bag must contain a toy. I dig through all of the bags, too, just to find my new toy.

Yesterday we had one small little problem, though, with my new toy. After I played with it for a while, Mom noticed that my fur around my mouth was turning pink!

Yep...the pink toy was actually turning my fur pink. I didn't really care, but Mom was all worried about it. She didn't want me to get sick or something 'cause of the dye coming off the toy when I chewed on it.

So last night Mom thought she'd take the toy away from me. She tried to hide it in our bedroom, but I'm way too smart for that. I sniffed it out and insisted she give it back to me.

Today we took my new toy to Grandma's house to show Grandma. But you know what happened? Mom says she accidentally forgot to bring the new toy home. And then Mom said that she thinks Grandma might have accidentally thrown it away, too. I smell a conspiracy here!

I better get a new toy to replace that one...but maybe one that doesn't turn me pink...


  1. I'm sure she'll make it up to woo BUT woo are furtunate to have some a kharing Mom - toys shouldn't make woo turn kholours!


  2. Likely story - it smells very "fishy" to me. You deserve a new toy now.

  3. You have diva-rabies!! You're hot pink! :)

    But yeah, that's probably not good for you. I'm sure mom will replace it with multiple-non-staining toys!

  4. well we cannot haz u turnin pink! I nose u will be gettin a replacement soon...cannot haz da inventory goin down. dat fur shur...MOL

  5. Oh noes! We can't has your furs turning colors now even if it is a purrty pink MOL hehehe

    Maybe your momma will comes over and checks out dat fishy toy, I will sends you da linky on twitter when momma gets it up.


  6. Your mommy should return it and get something that doesn't have stuff that will make you turn colors....

  7. I cannot believes your mom had to take that toy all the way to your grammas howse to get it away from you! You and that toy radar, BOL!


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