Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boris Kitty's Bath Contest

My buddy Boris is having a contest and I was his inspiration. How cool is that?! He said he was thinking about how my Mom's always making me take baths... See?

After thinking about all of my baths, Boris decided to have a contest of animal bath photos. The winning animal is gonna get a bath massager thing from (I love that!) See, Boris knows how much I hate baths, like most doggies hate 'em, and the massager thing is supposed to make baths better for us.

I've debated and debated about whether or not I should enter the contest, though. On the one paw, I really want to support my buddy Boris. He's been such a good friend to me! I think Mom would love to play with that doggie bath thing, too, and maybe...just would make my baths less traumatic. But on the other paw, wouldn't winning that bath massager thing mean that Mom would make me take MORE BATHS?! That's not winning any real prize for me...that's a ticket to more bath torture!

So I debated and debated and debated. To enter or not to enter...

And in the end, I decided that supporting my buddy Boris and making my Mom happy were both more important than my trying to avoid baths. So, here's my favorite bath picture that I'm gonna enter in the contest:

Don't I just look pathetic?

I thought about entering this one, since it's pretty pathetic, too.

And here's a good one of me trying to escape when Molly's mom gave both of us a bath...

I think I'm pretty pathetic-looking in all of those, huh?

Mom's been telling me lately that I'm getting pretty stinky. That's not a good sign...


  1. he he - you are cute any time - even dripping went. I think you should enter the contest.

  2. Oh my gosh, you put the P in pathetic! You rival Shawnee's patheticness (if that's a word)!

  3. I do not think you look look cute! : )
    You too have inspired my momma to take some bath pictures of me in the tub. (I took a bath was not fun!)

  4. all dems poor wets doggy pikshurs! dis anutter pawsum entry.

  5. Enter the first and third ones! You are adorable—not pathetic.


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