Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prize from Dougal

Mom found a package today that came back when Grandpa was sicky. Things were so crazy that she completely forgotted about it...but the package was for ME so I just don't understand how that was possible...

Anyway, remember the Sci-Fi Pawty where I got all those cool prizes? Well I won 2nd prize in the costume contest for my Ewok outfit.

The package that Mom "forgot" was my prize for the costume contest! It came all of the way from England. Frugal Dougal, the doggy who started all the PawPawties, donated my prize. Cool, huh?

Here's me waiting and waiting for Mom to put the camera down and OPEN MY PACKAGE!

Look at what Dougal sent me! It's a cool doggie toy and a kit all about how to make cookies!

Mom had trouble getting a good picture of the toy. She had to trick me and steal it just to take this picture...

I played like crazy with that toy!

And you know I had to roll on it to squeaky it that way, too!

Yeah...that was fun!

I investigated the kit for a while, too. It's got a cookbook and treat baggies and cookie cutters!

I found a recipe that sounds yummy, and I politely asked Mom to make them for me. (OK, so maybe I just barked...)

Eventually, I gave up on those cookies...but I'm still dreaming of 'em.

Mom said she'd make me some soon. I'm gonna hold her to that...after my nap...

Thanks for the really cool prize, Frugal Dougal!


  1. I'm probably going out on a limb here BUT

    I think you really like that new toy!

    Khongrats on winning those great pressies!


  2. cool toy! cool kit! Send me some when your mom bakes them!

  3. I shore does hope your mom knows how to bake! We furgot to ask that on the adopshun applikashun. Oops.

  4. Dat's a neat toy and I know you'll love it to death too. Cuz you appreciate all your toys.

  5. That is such a brilliant toy, Frugal has excellent taste.

    (your costume is just WAY too cute for words. Ewoks sre pretty cute to begin with, but you just made them even MORE cute)

  6. You sure like your toys, don't you? ENJOY!

  7. You take the cutest pictures, Buttons. My girl wishes I would pose the way you do. Instead I'm either sleeping or not in the picture at all! BOL!

  8. Hey mai pal so glad you liked da pwizes yayyy


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