Sunday, April 25, 2010

Playing with a New Toy

Mom took me shopping at the doggie store on Friday. That's always SO much fun because there's so much going on and so much to smell. I got a new toy, too! (Shocker, huh?)

Actually, I think I got two toys... Hrm. I'll have to find that other one.

Anyway, after my bath on Friday night, I played with my new toy like a crazy dog. (Another shocker, huh?) Mom took some videos. You can sorta tell that I didn't let her blow dry my furs all of the way...

I got a little camera shy at the end of this video.

Oh, I love new toys!


  1. I think squeaking a toy in your mouf and rolling around on the carpet to sop the waters out of your furs is way better than blow drying. Saves on elektrisity too.

  2. A new toy for you, Buttons? It's so rare that you get a new toy. I have to admit you look really good sans bath. It was fun to watch you havin' fun with your toy. I was wondering if all that rolling around was a little bit an effort to dry your furs.

  3. It realy squeaks loud too. Does it drive your mama nuts? he he

  4. Dat is one pawsome squeaky ball toy you gots dere my furriend! MOL



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