Sunday, August 15, 2010

Illinois Anipal Tweet-Up

I started chatting on Twitter in January, and since then I've met all sorts of people and animals from around the world. It's really amazing! Well, I got an email a while back that some of my new Twitter friends from Illinois were planning to meet in person. Mom and I thought that was pretty cool.

So last Sunday we loaded up our car and headed out for the our Illinois Anipal Tweet-Up! We were supposed to meet everyone at a park that was sorta in the middle of where we all live. It was a long car ride, though. Here's how long it was...

Yes, the car ride made me sleepy... He he he!

We finally got to the park and we met LOTS of my friends from Twitter. It was so cool. Here's the group picture...

Mom and I got to meet Bosco and his sisters Ginger and Rockford; Angus and his sis Ainsley; Pierre and his sis Laci; Zorro and his sis Patch; and Niqqi! It was a great group of doggies (and humans, of course). We didn't have any barking or growling or anything. We all got along great!

Well, I say that, but the truth is that I was just a tad bit shy. I sorta hid behind Mom or under the table she was sitting at. That's where I stayed...the entire time...

I just stayed behind/beneath Mom and watched all of the stuff that was going on. And there was a LOT going on, too!

We all laughed and laughed at Zorro when he got a drink of water. He's a Giant Schnauzer and he dunked his whole head in his water bowl when he was thirsty! He'd lift his head up and he'd have water just running all over the place. It was so funny!

Angus and Bosco were both really excited about the tennis balls that their parents brought. Those boys chased and chased and chased the balls all afternoon! That was fun to watch. Mom threw a few tennis balls for them, too.

When we all went for a walk together, Laci saw a bunny rabbit and she took off like a rocket! The bunny was about the same size as Laci, though, so it was super funny. Laci sure chased that bunny...and her pink doggie ears were flopping away as she ran!

Niqqi's Mom brought cookies and she was sharing them with all the doggies. Everyone looooved those cookies. She had their full attention!

I was too nervous to eat. I'm sure those treats were tasty, though!

Niqqi and Laci and I are all different kinds of doggies, but we still all sort of looked alike, too. So we took pictures of the three of us together. These are our "Charlie's Angels" pictures. (Bosco decided to call them then all decided that we'd be "Bosco's Angels" instead!)

You'll note that I'm actually standing right beside Niqqi in that last picture, and my Mom's nowhere to be seen. No, I didn't get over my shyness...she just LEFT ME to go do something. Hrmph! Oh, well. I got brave when Mom was gone, but the moment she came back, I was shy again.

Here's my "supermodel" picture that Niqqi's parents took when Mom was gone.

But as soon as Mom was back...I went back to being pathetic! (It's a talent.)

We visited at the park for a long time, but then Mom said it was time to head home. So, we said goodbye to our friends and got back in our car.

And here's what I did for the entire way home...

I was tired, too, so there was a LOT of loud puppy snoring!

When we finally got back to our house, I was so happy to be home that I ran up the sidewalk super fast. I even refused to potty! I was a little Shih Tzu blur, I went so fast!

I had a lot of fun, but it was a long day. Here's what I did all evening...

Mom and I are looking forward to our next Tweet-Up. Maybe then I'll even come out from under the table! Maybe...


  1. Aw Buttons, U social widdle doggy U! Dats a good doggy life U got, U is so blessed; and we are blessed as well, to hab U in our libes! How fun U gots to meet sum of UR Twitta fwiends. You all rook rike U habin a ball! I wish I could be der too and snuggle right in and gib U & all da oder doggies some smoochies! U make ebery day a gweat day!

  2. Oh, Buttons! We think you look so cute when you're sleeping, Girl just wants to snuggle you (and probably wake you up, like she does to me)! BOL! I do think it's great you got to meet so many of our friends!

  3. u iz so cute! looks like u meeted lots of nice doggies. I would be shy n hidin too so dunt u feel bads.

  4. Wot a nice thing to do, meeting all of you Twitter furrends! Of course there be no growling or barking - you all has been tweeting fur 8 months and alreddy be like fambly.

  5. Whew what a day!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo


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