Sunday, August 29, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #3: My Favorite Toy

Oh. My. Goodness... Cokie announced this week's Anipal Photo Hunt theme and did you SEE what it is?! MY FAVORITE TOY. This theme is just totally meant for me! Cokie might as well have said, "Hey, Buttons, why don't you talk about your favorite thing???" I love toys more than anything! Although, now that I think about it, I would make one little change to this theme because, in all reality, how on earth do I pick just ONE favorite toy???

I could pick my snake, Anna Conda.

Or my ostrich...that may have been partially decapitated last night...and may have lost both squeakers this morning...

Or Mini Buttons.

Been playing with those three the most lately. But there's also my brown bear and my giant squirrel and my skunky.

And my floppy fishy.
And my blue zanies guy.
And my monkey.
And my other monkey.
And my purple piggy.
And my green loofah.
And my fox.
And my pink thing.
And my purple ball thing.
And my rubber chickens.

Ahhh...I could just keep going forever...

Oh, how I love toys.


  1. You have a great toy box! It looks like most of your toys still have their stuffing. Kelly unstuffs all hers!

  2. BOL BOL BOL BOL! I woz wonnering how you woz going to pick just one and I so knew you could not!

  3. That is soooo kewl! I am soooo jealous!!!

  4. he he - I was sure it was planned just for you.

  5. MAn Buttons, you do have quite an assortment of toys, Mom was just laughing as she read the list, BOL Keep playng and have fun!!


  6. Oh, Oh... where'd you go...? there's so many toys, I can hardly see you... MOL... You one lucky puppy!

  7. Buttons you haz teh mostest toyz of anydoggy I noes!

  8. Wow, Buttons! I thought I had a lot of toys but you take the cake! There is a ton of toys in that toy bin! BOL!

  9. Wow buttons you have alot of toys.


  10. Hahahaha... this one was custom made for you wasn't it little pup!

  11. You sure have a lot of wonderful toys! I found you through Anipal Photo Hunt, and I'm glad I did. I hope you'll come visit me at

    You seem familiar? Are we following each other on twitter?

  12. Ooooo, hee hee, wot a lot of toys. Iz you startin a shop?


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