Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rescue Mom

Guess what...I got mail! That's right. I won another prize at a PawPawty and it just came in the mail. I made sure I got to check it out before Mom did. (It is MY mail, after all...)

Romeo the Cat sells magnets that say "Rescue Mom" and "Rescue Dad" on them. His sales help him raise money for rescue organizations. He donated one of his magnets to the PawPawty, and that's what I won. Take a look at it...

Pretty cool, huh? Mom says we're gonna put it on our car. I told her I was o.k. with that. I don't really know much about magnets, so that sounds good to me!

If you're interested in getting a magnet like mine, be sure to head over to Romeo's store! And when you're at his website be sure you read all about the organization he's raising money for this month.

Romeo is also known for his great "wake-up tactics." He posts all sorts of ideas about how he wakes up his staff to serve him breakfast. Guess what...one time he even posted a wake-up tactic that I emailed him!

Thanks for the cool magnet, Romeo!


  1. Please check my bloggy tomorrow as you has been awarded an award


  2. You are a lucky gal, Buttons! You won a prize AND you got mail! Pawesome!

  3. I am soooooo glad you like it, Buttons! My staff has hers on her car and gets comments from rescue moms everywhere!

  4. Buttons,
    How cool to get a package and what neat gifts. You are one lucky girl!!


  5. Great magnet, Buttons. How fun to get mail! It sounds like Romeo's mom and dad are great people.

  6. WOW another great mail day for you, my friend!


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