Saturday, August 21, 2010

It Ain't Adding Up

We got a box in the mail yesterday. You know what boxes have in them? Squeaky toys! And sure enough...Mom pulled this squeaky fishy out of the box and gave it to me.

But here's the problem...the box was WAY bigger than that fishy. I put the fishy on top of the box in the picture below, just for comparison. There HAD to be more than just that fishy inside that big box! I looked and looked...

and I looked and looked...

and looked some more...

But I couldn't find more toys. I know there had to be more toys in that box. So I gave Mom a dirty look.

I barked at her a bit, too.

The only saving grace here for Mom might be the fact that my birthday is in less than a month. Maybe, just maybe, there are a whole lot of squeakies in my future...


  1. Oh yah I agree!! That box was way to big for just a fish!! I would have given her a dirty look to!! Lets hope that there are gifts for your b-day. MAybe you can nose around when Mom is gone and see what you can find. If you find anything DONT barka word ok???


  2. ha ha- did you try tipping the box upside down so whatever was in it would fall out? Maybe you'd better try dat before you give up. You are the cutest thing.

  3. Da box is most deffo bigger than de fishes so is your Moms hoarding squeeeeekies do you finks?

  4. Stopping by on the blog hop.
    Loved those pictures!
    Are you for sure there wasn't anything else in there?:)

  5. Buttons, I is amazed at the math skillz you has akwired from hasing to do toy inventories all the times. You go gurl!

  6. Your time with Shawnee surely taught woo some valuable skills!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  7. Sometimes the boxes that come to my house actually belong to my humans. What nerve!


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