Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #2: Pawtraits

This week's Anipal Photo Hunt theme is "Pawtraits." That means paws!

I liked this picture 'cause it gives you a good look at both sides of my front paws. And a good shot of my belly. He he he...

Mom thought we needed a close-up just for this occasion, too, so here's a paw:

And here's me giving Mom a SUPER dirty look 'cause she woke me up to take the picture of my paw. I was snoozing away. How rude.

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  1. Oh my, Buttons, you hasn't been hitting the bacon beer, has you? You look a little hanged over there in that one pikshure.

  2. Buttons! Were you under my desk?? How did you do that so fast!? Sorry pals, Buttons is this week's winner - already!

    But the Anipal Photo Hunt isn't about winning - it's about supporting each other, making new friends and having fun. So let's go check out everybody's blogs!

    Cokie =^..^=

  3. Little puppy, we don't wanna ever make you cross!! Such a look!!

  4. Goodness me, Buttons! Remind me never to wake you from a nap! That is some "evil eye" you got there!

  5. Hehehe, Buttons you gotta teach me how to make that face! That is fantastic!

  6. I actually got a paw print tattoo on Friday on my Copper who passed away too young. I love it!

  7. Hi Buttons,

    We have really missed our little pal. Nice paws and belly!

    Luv ya,
    Riley and Star.

  8. Oh, Buttons, that look could freeze someone in their tracks! Almost as good as the look Ody gave Dad when he came to pick us up today! BOL! Momma ought to leave you alone when you are sleeping! How rude of her.

  9. What cool paws you have buttons!


  10. Mom was lucky she had that oops picture that had my paw. You sure look grumpy when you are awakened! You kind of look like my mom in the morning. She makes that face too.

  11. Wow! Talk about "the look" you have it down pawfectly!


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