Saturday, August 20, 2011

Water Torture

It happened again. Yep. Mom decided that I had to have a nasty, no-good, torture-filled BATH.

I hate baths!!!

But this time, the torture was doubled. After Mom drained the dirty bath water, she REFILLED the tub and gave me an oatmeal bath, too! I gave her a dirty look...

I was not happy. She said I needed the oatmeal bath because of my itchies from my allergies. I don't agree. I'm already itchy...why torture me with water?!

After the bath, Mom kept me captive in the bathroom while she tried to blow-dry my furs.

I grabbed my squeaky penguin to keep me company, while watching at the gate.

When I was released from my prison, I took out my frustrations (and dried my ears) on my penguin.

After that, I hid under the blanket on the couch.

I did NOT want to end up back in that bathtub...


  1. YOU ARE THE CUTEST LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!! Thank you for the smiles you give me

  2. even though we always smell good afterwards, it is torture
    Benny & Lily

  3. You poor tortured baby. M thinks you should come to live with us. she's never given me a bath (but I'm a cat! Who knows what she'd do with a doggie).

  4. Dat iz one good fing abowt bein a cat.. no bafs! At leest da baf made yoo look pwetty and maybe halped yoor itchies!

  5. I is gessing you is not demanding repawsession coz my mom gibs water tortures too. You be on your own with this one. Sorry gurlfurrend.

  6. Hee an Lola come runnin in the kitchen when Mr Penguins started skweekin!!


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