Monday, August 8, 2011

Taking Snoopy Home

My cool neighbor gave me a huge squeaky Snoopy toy the other night! I took off with him, carrying him home as fast as I could go.

Mom made me slow down so she could catch up. She didn't get that I was in a hurry to get that Snoopy home!

He was a little hard for me to carry...

...but I didn't let that stop me!

In this picture you can kinda see the dead grass that was collecting on Snoopy's head during the trip home...

I had to jump up on the building stoop with Snoop! Nice action shot, huh?

I leaned Snoopy up against the door while I waited for Mom to open it.

Had to lick my lips and rest my jaws while I was waiting on Mom to open our door, then, too.

Sadly, Snoopy suffered some road rash on his snout and ear from his trip to my house. Sorry, Snoops. Mom did her best to get the dead grass out of his ear.

And now that I've got him home, Snoopy is awfully fun to play fetch with!


  1. Oh boy!! When you have your mind made up and are on a mission, theres nothing stopping you huh?? ENJOY that snoopy!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  2. BOL, what a cool Snoopy. He is bigger than you
    Benny & Lily

  3. I think you nd Snoopy will be great pals xxx

  4. Hurray for Snoopy...we could use him here in London today as he's so good at cleaning the streets...

  5. OMD, Buttons, that Snoopy be almost as big as you. You be on a mission, that be fur sure!

  6. I was gonna say the same as Shawnee - that Snoopy almost as big as you. You must have been very determined to get him home. The grass in the ear is funny.

  7. Isn't why that made that song, "Hang on Snoopy, Snoopy hang on." ? Just for you Buttons! You are too cute!! Road rash!! BOL!!

  8. You are so luck Buttons. I would love to have a Snoopy like that! You will appreciate that I found a long lost toy the other night. Dad was asleep and mom was working in the half dark on her netbook. She kept hearing Alexis and me playing with something and when she finally got up to go to bed she saw the stuffy blood all over the floor. She said "boy is dad going to be mad at you when he sees that in the morning" cause she was too tired to cover up for me.


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