Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Washing Grandma's Car

Guess what...Mom and I went to see Grandma again this past weekend! This time I took my new Snoopy with me. I played with him in the car.

Snoopy makes a great pillow for naps, too!

While we were at Grandma's house, Mom and I went for a ride in Grandma's car.

"Yep...corn. That means we're near Grandma's house!"

We took Grandma's car to a car wash. I kept close watch on the action outside of the car.

"What the heck is all of that noise?!"

The car wash scared me a little. I'll admit it.

And I kept watching outside to see if those washer things were about done.

When we left the car wash, I was super tired. I could barely stay awake on the drive back to Grandma's house.

Grandma was super happy that Mom and I washed her car. And I had fun, of course, romping in Grandma's yard, too. I love visiting my Grandma! Mom and Grandma did some other stuff over the weekend, but the car wash was the "highlight" for me, I think.

On the ride back to our house, Mom said I acted like a drama queen. I panted like crazy most of the drive because the sun made me hot. I couldn't help it! Mom even had the air conditioning going full blast on me, but I was a panting fool anyway!

Well, when I wasn't using Snoopy for a pillow, of course!


  1. I bet it is so much fun to visit grandma. She must have loved your new snoopy doll. We're jealous
    Benny & Lily

  2. Sounds like you had another fun weekend at Grandmas!!!!! Love your new Snoopy ... And your blog .... Hugs @soozi13

  3. Wow, a carwash masheen. You are so bave Buttons

  4. Buttons yoo get to hab gweat adbentures!And wut a gweat snoopy dawg yoo gotz!

  5. We came by to catch up and you have lots of news. A new Snoopy and you went riding in a carriage and. Wow, we're tired just reading about it. We need a nap. have a great day.


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