Monday, September 27, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt # 7: Hey! That's Not Me!

The theme for this week's Anipal Photo Hunt is "Hey! That's Not Me!" This was an easy one for me. See, there's this photo that keeps circulating by email and on Twitter and people keep asking Mom and I over and over again if it's me. I've even put it on my blog before to try to clarify...but people still keep asking.

Now, I don't know WHY people would wonder if it's me...

OK, so maybe that's a picture of a mischievous pup, and that's probably why we keep getting questions about it. Everyone knows I'm a little ornery. But in all honesty, it's NOT ME! Want to know how to tell for sure? My nose is brown, not black!

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  1. Well, if'n it WOZ you, then clearly we would knows the cause of your, um, back door trots...

  2. That's pretty silly. Imagine you with a red nose and paws.......

  3. Ohhh cool you are a real fun pal Buttons!

  4. It's a great look alike tho - cuz I was fooled too.

  5. And you don't have any red toys, right? Funny photo, thanks for sharing. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs


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