Monday, September 27, 2010

More Birthday Presents!

This is pretty embarrassing...but I just realized that I haven't told you about some of my other birthday presents yet!

This birthday package arrived last Monday...

It was from my friends Smokey and Ody out in Las Vegas! Look at all of the COOL stuff that they sent me!

They gave me a pretty pink birthday card and a sparkly bandana and some BACON treats and a squeaky toy! (What? You don't see the toy in that picture? That's because I stole it before Mom could photograph it!) The Anipal Times newspaper and the Shibbering Cheetos Lub Beads came from Bark World. Smokey and Ody's dad got to go to Bark World, and he brought those backjust for me! Isn't that awesome?!

Here I am wearing my new bandana and playing with my squeaky toy.

The toy is super cool 'cause it's a slingshot toy. Mom pulls the rubber strap out of the toy's chin, pulls back on the legs, and lets it FLY! The only problem is that Mom has terrible, horrible aim. She bonked me in the head once. Another time she shot the toy right smack into my water bowl. Thus, Mom is not allowed to sling shot the toy anymore. (She's grounded.)

Thanks to Smokey and Ody and their dad!

On the same day I got the package from Smokey and Ody, I also got a cool birthday card from my former foster sisters! They're the ones who put together the special birthday performance for me, too.

Anyway, they signed the card with a picture of them singing some more. Isn't that cool?!

I was so excited about the card and the slingshot squeaky that I had to roll on both of them.

Unfortunately, tushy is on my former foster sisters' picture. I must apologize for that. Sorry, girls. My only excuse is that I was just too excited about it...

Thanks to Shawnee, Dixie, and Sydney for the birthday serenades!


  1. What great presents!
    Love the card and I didn't mind seeing your tushie-it is way too cute:)

  2. Buttons
    What a cool package and great gifts. BOY!! This is the birthday that just keeps on giving huh?? ENJOY!! you deserve the royal treatment


  3. Oh, do such cute things when you're excited. You make Ma smaile lots!

    I am glad you got some more toys to add to your (ever-growing) collekshun! I used to have a slingshot toy once, but I tore it up real good and then one day Ma said it "was gone". Do have fun with it, okay?!?

    Your furiend,

  4. He he - no other doggie enjoys toys as much as you. You really raked it in too.


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