Thursday, September 16, 2010

Early Birthday Surprises!

A big box came for me in the mail today...and that wonderful "" sticker was on it!

BUT...Mom hadn't ordered anything! We wondered what it could be. So, we opened it right up and dove in. (Well, I dove in...Mom's a little too big to get into that box.)

Turns out that my friend Maximus sent me a birthday present! I'm gonna be 10 years old on Saturday. What a great early birthday surprise!

Mom didn't pull my presents out of the box nearly fast enough, so I had to get after her about that. I couldn't reach 'em on my own!

Maximus sent me TWO squeaky toys, a pheasant and a goldfish, and some Bowser Beer. And he knew I've had tummy trouble lately, so he also sent me special cookies just for tummy troubles. How cool is that?!

I was really excited, checking out all of my presents!

Mom tried to get a picture of me with all of my presents from Maximus, but I was too busy playing. This is as close as Mom got to a pic of can just barely see the new pheasant that I'm playing with.

The goldfish makes really cool gurgly sounds. Mom loves that because she says her ears get tired of all of the squeaking around here. (I have no idea what she means by that.) I rolled on the fishy for a while to try to make it gurgle. The fishy didn't cooperate, though. I got a little crazy...

I played and played and played and played myself right out.

Thanks so much for the birthday presents, Maximus!


  1. BOL! What a sweet post! It makes my day to see you so excited and enjoying your new toys so...enthusiastically. :)

  2. Buttons
    what cool presents!! You will have a blast with those toys and hope you like the tummy trouble stuff.


  3. You kept missing the goldfishie, no wonner hims would not gurgle. But then those fishies do be slippery and it do be hard to catch a fishy with bare paws, never mine roll on it.

  4. OMC Buttons dta Maximus sure did spoilin u fur ur birfadays.

    I LUBBED u tellin ur Mom to hurry up & get dem toys out of dat box fur u!

    Hab a wunnerful day 2mro. I can no wait to see wot da big surpwize iz.

  5. You got beer, great now don't drink it all in one go, you might get a wobble on.
    See Yea George xxx

  6. wow you got beer sweet! but do not finish it in one day.


  7. Happy Birthday Buttons! Cool toy!


  8. All those prezzies are exhausting for you Buttons. Maybe you should share a few with me. (Just kidding sweetie - I'm not exactly a deprived kitty either). I don't know of any other anipal dat enjoys toys quite as much as you.


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