Sunday, September 19, 2010

Celebrating My Birthday!

Yesterday was my 10th birthday! We're lucky that we know when my birthday is, though, because I'm a rescue doggie. You know how we know? I got a microchip when I was a puppy! My microchip not only helped us catch the person who dumped me, but it also told us when my birthday is. Cool, huh?

Anyway, yesterday was a BUSY day! Mom put up a cool "Happy Birthday" banner for me. It even had doggies on it!

We took it pretty easy in the morning. And by "took it easy" I mean we took a birthday nap!

Then Mom gave me my first birthday surprise...a blue birthday loofah dog! I played and plucked and wore myself out.

When I was rested up, Mom and I went to FedEx to pick up my birthday surprise from Mattie. (If you missed the post about that, be sure to read it!)

When we got back, Mom checked our mail and would you believe that I got special AIR MAIL on my birthday??? That's right...I got air mail from Scotland!

My friend Kathleen lives there. She makes beautiful, hand-painted silk scarves...and she made me a special scarf for my birthday! It's the perfect size for me, and it even has my name painted on it. It's gorgeous. She made a pretty birthday card for me, too!'s the perfect size! And aren't those colors perfect with my furs??? Thanks, Kathleen!

So after I opened my FedEx package from Mattie and my air mail from Kathleen, Mom gave me my second surprise from her...a stuffingless, squeaky flamingo!

And then it was time for another birthday nap! He he he.

Once I got up, Mom decided to torture me by making me wear a party hat. She tried to take a picture of me posing with the stuffie birthday cake she gave me. (It plays "Happy Birthday" when you squeeze it.) I refused to cooperate, though, so this is about as close as Mom got to me posing!

I refused to take the cake out of my mouth.

And then that stupid party hat got all crazy on me. Mom thought it was hysterical. I thought it was ridiculous.

I tried to roll on the birthday cake to make it sing, but the stupid hat was in the way. My stuffie vampire was sorta in the way, too. Instead of "Happy Birthday" we heard "I've come to suck your blood!" when I rolled.

When the hat torture was over, Mom got out the special birthday cake she ordered for me!

But then she put the stupid hat back on me to try to get a picture with the cake. I sniffed the smelled delicious!

I finally posed just so we could get the pictures (and the party hat) over with!

Mom bought a special doggie birthday plate just for me and she gave me a piece of my cake with some Frosty Paws ice cream. YUMMY!

I went into a food coma for a bit. That stuff was delicious!

After I recovered from the food coma, Mom surprised me with my big birthday very own hidey spot!

I like to hide under the bed, so Mom thought maybe I'd like a hidey spot for the living room, too. Here I am checking out the new digs.

"You can't see me but I can see you!!!"

Mom had the nerve to spy on me through the tunnel. That's totally not cool.

I had a busy, busy day, but it was totally fun. Mom and I were both exhausted last night!

And THIS is what I've done all day today...

I spent my last two birthdays at my foster home. When I turned 8, I had just been dumped, so that's why I was there. When I turned 9, I had just been returned to the rescue by the family that I thought was my forever family. Those weren't very happy birthdays. Mom said that she wanted my 10th birthday to make up for them. I think maybe she succeeded!


  1. OMC i doz looks like u had a MOST PAWSUM birfaday.

    Big Big Boris smooches & nosetaps to u ma puppy pal.

    Lub u lots.


    That is SOME pawty!

    Woo are one furry lukhky AND loved khanine!


  3. Ohhh Buttons I am so sorry I missed your actual birthday honey, It looked like you had a wonderful day and such lovely photos too I love the one with your party hat all crazy and the proper birthday cake posed one is adorable in fact they all are .
    So glad you had a very Happy Birthday and Richie and I wish you many many more such wonderful ones
    With Love
    Mollys Momma Tea & Captain Richie
    xxxx x x

  4. Happy barkday Buttons, that looks like the funnest barkday I evar saw an you iz teh cutest barkday gurl goggy evar!

  5. As much as we tried to make your birfdays in your foster home speshul, there do be no place like a furever home for a proper birfday celebrashun!

  6. Buttons - you certainly did have a pawsome birthday. I can see it tuckered you out too. Looks like nap time now.

  7. WOW!!!! You got lots of stuff for your birthday, Buttons. That is pawesome!

    I couldnt read anything after the mention of the Frosty Paws 'cause I do love some ice cream. Every word I read after that...all I heard in my head was "Frosty Paws".

    I did want to let you know the color of your scarf is purrrfect for you! You did look quite beautiful in it!

    Anyway, Happy belated Birthday! I am so glad it was a gr8 day for you!!!

    Your furiend,

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! So glad you had a wonderful 10th birthday! And so happy that you've found a wonderful family to share it with!

  9. Happy Blated Birthday Buttons. I'm still gonna send you something but the woman hasn't gotten to the pet store. *grumble* #SendButtonsSqueakies

  10. what an awesome Birthday your momma gave you and such beautiful presents and a wonderful blog.. You have a very nice momma.

  11. OMD! That scarf is so beautiful and you really deserve a princess castle!


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