Saturday, September 18, 2010

The FedEx Package

Mom and I found a sticker on our door this morning from the FedEx people. The sticker said that they tried to deliver a package but couldn't since we didn't answer the door. (We were probably still sleeping.) So, the sticker said we needed to go pick it up.

Mom thought that was a little weird because we hadn't ordered anything. So, Mom called the FedEx people to ask if it was really our package. Mom gave the woman on the phone our address and said her name.

The woman asked Mom if anyone else lived here. Mom said, "Just my dog, Buttons." And the woman replied, "The package is addressed to the DOG!" The FedEx woman thought that was pretty funny. Nothing funny about it in my opinion. I like to get packages!

Anyway, the woman told Mom that I needed a "government-issued photo ID" to pick up my package. Just one problem there, though...I don't have one! Mom asked the woman what she should do since I'm a doggie and don't have a driver's license. The woman suggested Mom just take me with her to the FedEx office to pick up my package.

So that's what we did. We got in the car this afternoon and headed to the FedEx place.

I was pretty excited when we got there. I ran to the building.

The woman at the FedEx place thought it was funny that I came with Mom. Mom told her about the package and that we didn't have a "government-issued photo ID" for me. Mom told her that the FedEx woman on the phone said that I should come with Mom to get the package. The FedEx woman at the place thought it was pretty funny, too, that I got a package. Thankfully, though, the she said that we could just use Mom's ID, and she let us have my package. I guess she believed us that I didn't have an ID!

The FedEx woman asked Mom, "Just what did your DOG order from!" Mom told her that we didn't know what was in my package because it was a birthday present. The FedEx woman thought that was pretty funny, too. So Mom told her that it was a present from another dog who lives out west. And then the FedEx woman thought Mom was completely nuts.

Anyway, here's a picture of me at the FedEx place. (Yes, I'm sticking my tongue out at the FedEx woman who laughed about me getting a package.) That's my package on the counter with me.

Mom made me wait until we got home to open my package. Turns out that it was from my friend Mattie. He sent me a book called "GoD and DoG." Mom loves the YouTube video about it. I can't wait for Mom to read my book to me!

Thanks for the book, Mattie! And thanks to the FedEx people for a good laugh today...and for accepting Mom's ID, of course!


  1. What a great story! I am confused though - how could so many people not realize that dogs get packages from other dogs?

  2. When pals started sending me presents, the guy at the post office thought it was pretty funny that Girl was getting packages addressed to "BlindMaximus." He thought she was downright crazy when she said, "Oh, it's from one of his dog or cat friends from Twitter."

  3. Great, and you got to go in and meet them.
    I bet you made there day, and one they won't forget.
    See Yea George xxx

  4. Oh Buttons, I'm so glad you got to go the the FedEx building and show them who you are and gave that lady a good laugh for the day. Thank you so much for posting the video link of God and Dog, that was so beautiful. :)

  5. Hiiiii Buttons dahlin!
    Sorry we missed wishing you on your bday..we were not logging in because mummy wasn't feeling well.
    So glad to see you got so many lovely bday gifts.
    Wishing you a very very very HAPPY year ahead and many many more lovely birthdays to come.
    Btw, did someone tell you? You don't look a day above 2! And u say u are 10??!! WoW!!
    And thank Dog those fed-ex people accepted your mom's ID and let u take the package home. aren't they funny that they can't believe u got a package? Did u tell them u blog?
    Heaps of luv n hugs n wags,
    we loooove y,
    Gin n Bud n Mummy

  6. Buttons, I forgot that there are people without pets and so of course would think a dog getting a package, let alone a gift from another dog, strange. This looks like a great book. I loved the video.

  7. Mom woz on the phone with gramma when you tweeted about hasing to pick up your package at FedEx. Mom told gramma and gramma woz LOLing rilly lowd. Not fur the same reason the FedEx lady woz laffing - gramma knows dogs send each udder gifties, (after all, she IS my gramma and she would know these things) but coz the story woz so funny.

  8. he he- you must be well known by your mail carrier and now the Fed Ex man. Way to go Buttons!


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