Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Toy Situation

Mom says we have a "toy situation," and we need to clean things up. That's absurd! I don't see any problems with my toys. So what if I've got quite a collection going. That shouldn't matter, should it?

Yes, I've got quite a few toys in the living room. (You can tell Mom and I have been arguing -- look at me giving her the stink eye here.)

And there are more toys in the hallway.

And there are even some toys in the bathroom. Those are very important for squeaking when Mom's in the shower.

Do you think we have a "toy situation"????

I live here too, don't I? If it's just Mom and me, then shouldn't I get an equal share of the space?

Mom's got junk that I never use...or am never allowed to use. Take that kitchen table, for example. That takes up a LOT of space. Am I allowed on it? Nooooo. And then all of that stupid exercise junk. Pointless, in my opinion. And there's also that big blue M&M man in the living room. What is the point of that thing? It just takes up space!

So, theoretically, if I'm entitled to an equal share of the space, and that kitchen table takes up a lot, then I think I deserve all the room I want for my squeakies. There isn't a "toy situation" here...except maybe the fact that I could use some more of them!

Defending my squeakies wears me out.


  1. I lub ur way too many squeakie toys kollekshuns! u iz pawsum.

    I finks u shuld hold a toy marafon & takes 24 hours & squeak each & every one of dem toys! MOL (I double dawg dares U).

  2. You are such a pawsome collection! You could almost be on an episode of doggie toy hoarders (great title for a new show). I would tell your mommy you deserve 1/2 the space and if she doesn't like it and feels you have too many toys for just YOU than a sister should be brought in - that way you can all have 1/3 of the house which means time for mommy to get rid of some of her stuff - BOL!!!

    We love looking at all your toys - you rock!

    xoxoxox Raven, Thor and Rio

  3. Buttons,
    I must admit that you have a lot of stuffies. I do agree that some of the space is yours and under that entitlement you can put what you want in your space. Your stand up for your stuffies.

    BTW was that a M & M shower curtain, and the big M & M guy~~My mom loves M & M's


  4. Did your mom not sign an adopshun contract? Did it not say somewheres in there that you get equal space in your furever home fur stuffies? If'n not, then it should. And rilly, duss your mom akshually use that eggsersize ekwipment? Peeples buy that just to hang clothes on, they never aksually use it. I say move it out and make room fur more stuffies.

  5. Hi Buttons!

    You are such a squeaky and stuffie toys collector! We are amazed how you can keep them intact. We could not get our toy count exceed 20 for we constantly destroy them in one way or the other. Waaaaaah

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  6. I vote for toys everywhere... Why not? Enjoy... enjoy... enjoy.... Except for that big M&M. That's a little scary... Sort of think that M&M might eat you instead of you eating it. Be very careful around him. MOL... Have fun with your toys....

  7. WHOA! I thought I had a lot of toys, but your toy collection is tremendous! I do see a lot of stuffies and squeakies that look like they would be a joy to play with!

    I do have the same problem with my mom - she is always "picking up" the toys and putting them in my toy box, when clearly I want them at specific points in the house! I have found we must train our moms to leave the toys alone, since they are ours! Good luck training yours!

    Enjoy those toys!!!!
    Your furiend, Oscar

  8. You tell her, Buttons! Fight for your right to squeaky toys. I'm up for organizing a protest on your behalf. Let's all send Buttons ANOTHER squeaky toy!

  9. Hiya Buttons,

    Your mama is out of control not the toys; mewowzers; there are so many!!! wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    those mamas think they run the show; pfffft

    we cats have formed a union here; we own the house; we eat on the table; i know horrors the peeps say; BOL! we drink out of glasses and run the show! maybe you need backup for help with Mom! purrs


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