Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's the Mother Load

Take a look at this picture from Friday...

That's right...TWO boxes came just for ME. I hit the mother load!

The first one was from Baby Patches at Nip and Bones. I won a prize from them during the February PawPawty, so that's what was in the box. They gave me some yummy-in-my-tummy Grandma Lucy's cookies! I gave the container a very good sniff.

And I had to pose nice before Mom would open the cookies and give me some. (You can tell I'm not quite too happy about having to sit there...beside the unopened cookies.)

Finally Mom opened the cookies up and gave me some. YUM! I wanted more, of course, and tried to convince her...

That "in Mom's face" tactic worked, too. She gave me some more!

Thanks, Baby Patches, for sending me those cookies!

The second box was from my buddy Boris and You remember those monsters that I won at the Sci-Fi Pawty? They arrived! I unpacked the box myself. (I actually climbed all the way in it one time, but Mom wasn't fast enough with her camera.)

Once I got the new squeakies out of the box, I took them all over to my bed. (I have to do that so that Mom realizes they're MY toys and not hers.)

Oh, I'm in toy Heaven!!! Just take a look at how cool these new toys are!

The monsters were the prize I won at the Sci-Fi Pawty. Those two cool bunnies were special gifts for me from my buddy Boris. Isn't he the sweetest kitty EVER?! The bunnies have crinkly bellies and squeaky heads. So much fun!

I had to keep that Bigfoot in line. Gotta watch that guy.

Had some fun hanging out with the Sea Monster and Jackalope, too. The Jackalope came with a Boris whisker in his antlers! That was another special bonus, just for me.

And of course if you know me, you know I had to roll on the toys. Looks like I rolled on my partially-chewed bully stick in the process. Oopsie.

After all that playing, I napped on my new monster pillows.

Thanks so much, Boris and! I sure do love my new monsters and bunnies. There's just no such thing as "too many toys!"


  1. Buttons! That one box woz bigger than you! OK, now I am going back to the last picture to figger out where Buttons is.... Iz like a Where's Waldo thing.

  2. Dat last pikshur of Buttons wif da toys looks like dat moovie ET when ET wuz hiding in da closet wif all da plushie toys! MOL

    So glads u lubs u noo toys! Concats on winnin dem!

  3. Wow, Buttons, you got some great stuff! You look very cute posing to get your treats. What we won't do, huh? In your one shot, it almost looks like a centerfold shot. :)

    It's so great to see you so happy and surrounded by all your toys.


  4. Buttons, love the pic w/ you and all your toys, well deserved!!!

  5. he he - I've never seen anyone appreciate toys more den you Buttons. What a cutie.

  6. It is just a khonstant parade to your doorstep!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  7. Buttons... the photo with you showing your tummy? Mummy thinks you could be an honorary cat!!

    Those are brilliant toys, Boris is so kind.

  8. Wow Buttons, I'm in awe of your toy collekshun! I'm going to have to make mom keep up!!

  9. You are going to have to get your very own house to hold all of your toys!


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