Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photo Game

I was tagged for a photo game by my blogging friends Inigo and Rumblepurr! The rules are to go to your first photo folder, find the 10th picture, and then post it on your blog. I'm lucky that my name starts with "B" 'cause that means that the "Buttons" folder is the very first one on our 'puter!

So here's the 10th photo from MY folder...

That picture might look familiar to many of you...and I'm sure you recognize that doggie beside me. It's my former foster sister Shawnee! She posted this picture on her blog months ago. You see, this picture is from back before I came to live with my new Mom. Shawnee was getting ready for a hike and she needed to study up on the Jersey Devil just in case she saw him on the hike. Anyway, Shawnee's Mom and my now-forever-and-ever Mom were already planning on my adoption then. So Shawnee sent my new Mom this picture and Mom saved it on her 'puter here.

Pretty cool, huh?

And now I'm supposed to pass this game on to 5 friends. I'm gonna have to think about that for a while, I think...there are so many friends to choose from!


  1. I rememmer that pikshur! And I has still not founded that Jersey Debil!

  2. hahaha, I just LOVE this pic and I actually never saw it before!!! Shawnee and you match perfectly!!!

  3. I remember this! Shawnee said she didn't know why you were studying so hard cuz you weren't going on the hike, but it was so cute that you wanted to look at it too.

  4. heheh I love this tag game. Cute pic! Jersey Devil huh?

  5. I don't think you want to find that debil Shawnee! What a great pic. I am really loving this game and all the great pictures!

  6. Looks at u two studying up on dat jersey debil.

    I iz beary glad Shawnee haz nebber runned into da debil out on herz hikes.

  7. Love dat picture of you and Shawnee Shep. So cute together.


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