Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Torture

Got a box in the mail today...but there was a problem. Look what was in it!

No toys. No cookies. Just keep-fleas-away stuff! Isn't that terrible?! Mom says that I'll be happy to have that stuff when the weather gets warmer. I say BOO. If there's a box, it should have fun stuff in it! Not stupid flea medicines!

But the torture tonight didn't stop with the box of flea stuff...

Tomorrow is my 4-month Gotcha Day anniversary. Shouldn't that mean toys for me? Not according to Mom. She says that tomorrow is her birthday, so we are celebrating that instead. Then, she did THIS to ME:

How RUDE! I don't want to wear a stupid birthday party hat! I put up with it for a little while, but only because Mom distracted me with toys.

More toy distractions...

But it didn't take too long before I had enough of that stupid hat. So, I flung my head around.

At least the hat wasn't on top of my head anymore...

Stupid flea stuff and stupid party hat. Way to torture me, Mom. Totally ruined my Thursday!

Oh -- Mom learned a valuable lesson tonight. If she squeaks a toy over the camera to try to get me to look at the camera, then something like this can happen:

Nice action shot, huh? I just really wanted that toy!


  1. You were sure having a lot of fun trying to get that hat off!
    I like that last pic too! Have squeeky will play!...snicker..

  2. Hahahaha!!! You're way too cute, and the addition of a hat makes you even MORE cute!!

  3. You better be extra nice to yous mom on hers birfday coz wifout her you would not be hasing so many mails and toys and getting spoilt rotten! So put on that birfday hat, wear it wif pride and sing wif me here...
    ♫ Happy Birfday to You ♫ Happy Birfday to You ♫ Happy Birfday Dear Emily ♫ Happy Birfday to You ♫ Arooooo ♫

  4. whoa! incoming......!!! hope you didn't knock ur poor momma over! I agree, the hat just didn't do you justice. Maybe your next box will be better, one can hope!

  5. Happy Birthday to your mommy. You should bake her a cake! Who knows maybe she will get toys for her birthday and she will share with you!

  6. geez...too cute for words...


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