Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Vantage Point, Attempt 2

I thought I had properly distracted Mom and could make another attempt at getting into stuff behind the chair. I was just climbing onto the back of the chair when the darn camera flashed. Busted! HOW on earth does Mom know when I'm up to something like this?!

I had to employ emergency cuteness tactics. Jumped down and curled up in the chair...pretended to be asleep. "What? Me getting into mischief? Nooo...I'm just napping in this chair!"

I hope this works...


  1. Hi, Buttons. Welcome to the Anipals family. I am the mom of @AylaLab on Twitter. Ayla says to tell you that she hopes you will be her friend on Twitter soon.

  2. Da bizy bizy buttons iz goona keeps dat momma on herz toes dat fur sure!

  3. I agrees with you Boris. Buttons is a character! I think we're going to love her very much and look forward to her antics. Da poor Mom will have to have much patience. We luvs you Buttons! Purrs.
    (Signed: Smokey8 fr Twitter)

  4. Love the new blog background, Buttons!


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