Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Mom instituted a new level of torture this evening. She gave me a BATH. To make things even worse, before she put me in the bath tub, she stuck me in the SINK and she cleaned my ears out! Oh, the horror I went through!

Here I am in the stupid sink, trying to look pathetic while plotting my revenge...

I did my best to look pathetic in the tub as well. I tried to escape...but my attempts failed. Darn tub is a little deep for my little legs. Mom watched me like a hawk, too, and kept pushing me back into the tub. Grrr.

How on earth could she resist that pathetic look?!

She finally ended my tub torture and held me in a towel for a while. That was sort of nice. Got some good belly rubs while wrapped up in that towel. But then she put me down and she got out the hair dryer. AUGH! I tried to escape by jumping against the bathroom door. (Nice action picture, here...just look at those ears flying as I jump against the door!)

I finally just gave up and just gave her a super-pathetic look while I cowered in the corner.

The super-pathetic face must have done the trick. Mom let me out of the bathroom after I gave her that look. I raced out of there and into the bedroom. When Mom followed me (she claimed she was just putting the hair dryer away), I dove under the bed. I wasn't taking any chances. I did NOT want to end up back in that stupid bath tub!

See my cute little nose sticking out from under the bed skirt?

I followed Mom out to the living room after that, but I still wanted to be in hiding because of the trauma of the bath incident. So, I burrowed under a blanket on the couch.

What a horrible evening. I'd better get a lot of new toys for this...


  1. u iz so cutes in dat last in da tubby pikshur! wet wet Buttons.

    did u gets toys or very leats nom noms?

  2. Buttons, you are just about the cutiest dog I've ever seen!!!

  3. heheheh look at your nose peeking out under the bed...
    guess what? I love bath. heehee
    once I get in the tub, that is.
    yay for lots of new toys! BOL


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